14 HP
30 mm deep
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$175 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

MS507 Dual ADSR Envelope/Dual VCA

Dual ADSR Envelope/Dual VCA


14hp, now 30mm deep with power connected

Timed Stages (Attack, Decay and Release) have a range of 1ms to 10 seconds

30mm LED Sliders for A/D/S/R controls. LED brightness follows the Envelope shape for visual feedback.

Gate Input 5V Pulse
GATES 1 & 2 normalled to Doepfer Gate Bus (optional jumper)

Trigger Input Used to retrigger the envelope from the beginning while gate is high (5V). Can also be used for simpler envelopes (i.e. AD, AR, ASR)

Mode Switch Selects between 3 operation modes
ADSR Normal synth envelope.
Gated Cycle will loop the Envelope only while the gate is high
Cycle mode loops endlessly, In this mode the TIME CV will act as frequency modulation for the resulting LFO.
Cycle has a frequency range of 0.03Hz to ~300Hz

Time CV shortens envelope length (All timed stages A,D and R)

ENV Out Voltage output for Envelope 0-5V


CEM3360 VCA (Like ESQ-1, Jupiter 6 etc.)
Simple, stable CEM VCAs, can be used independently of the Envelopes.

CV IN is normalled to the corresponding ENV Out. 5V for maximum volume 0V for minimum.

Set up initially for processing an audio signal, the VCAs can also be used to CV control the Envelope’s Level by patching the ENV out into the VCA input and using an external control for CV IN (e.g. Velocity, LFO, Sequencer etc.)


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