177 mm wide
166 mm high
Current Draw
200 mA / 9 V DC
$531 Price in €

This Pedal is currently available.

Future Sound Systems MTX8 - Standalone Pin Matrix

Now you can take advantage of the creative control and possibilities of the FSS MTX range, without the need for a Eurorack system. MTX8 lets you route, sum, create feedback paths, and add distortion and character to your audio signals.

Make MTX8 the heart of your studio or pedalboard. Connect your interface, pedals and outboard to it and never have to worry about tracing cables again. Build your desired signal chain by simply dropping pins into the matrix. MTX8 is also designed to be written on - this way you always know what is connected where. A dry-wipe pen is included, as well as a set of ten pins. For more permanent installations, an alcohol based permanent pen could be used, and then erased using isopropyl alcohol.


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