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PadThing Doepfer 84hp Case Eurorack Private
Patch Mem Templete Eurorack Private
StereoFi Proc DIY Project Eurorack Private
Reedy Eurorack Private
Current - Buchla RED PANEL Eurorack View
Doepfer Easel Eurorack Private
Current - Doepfer Drum Machine Eurorack Private
Current - 19" Buchla Rig Buchla View
Current - 32HP Source of MIDI Uncertainty Eurorack View
Current - LZX Rig Eurorack Private
My ungowned Eurorack Eurorack Private
Current - Microsound Monolith Eurorack View
Current - Ambient Live Rig Pedals View
Concert Trautonium Eurorack Private
Planned - Analog Computer Eurorack Private
Boog 55 104HP 3 Tier Eurorack Private
Planned - Behringer S15 Planner Eurorack View
Planned - PuffyJjelly Eurorack View
ToBuyList Eurorack Private
Current - Traveler Poly (Built) Eurorack View
Current - 42HP Modular Stereo Mixer Eurorack View
Microwest Eurorack Private
My guileful Eurorack Eurorack Private
Reedy (copy) Eurorack Private
My rueful Eurorack Eurorack Private
Planned -1979 Rig (copy) Buchla View
Current - Travel Micro Rig (Moog 60hp) (copy) (copy) Eurorack Private
My undreamed Eurorack Eurorack Private
My meaty Eurorack (copy) Eurorack Private
My fourfold Eurorack Eurorack Private
My professed Eurorack (copy) Eurorack View
2x6U-114HP - September 2020 Eurorack Private
My hoiden Eurorack (copy) (copy) Eurorack Private
Jam Rig 2x6U-114HP - #2 - September 2020 Eurorack Private
Jam Rig 1x6U-114HP - #1 - September 2020 Eurorack Private
Current - Travel Light Rig Eurorack View
My moveless Eurorack (copy) Eurorack Private
S55 Eurorack View
Current LYRA 8 Rig (2020) Pedals View
My labroid Eurorack Eurorack Private
2x18U-114HP - September 2020 Eurorack Private
My bitless Eurorack Eurorack View
My quippish Eurorack Eurorack Private
My stalky Eurorack Eurorack Private
2020 (November) Current - Euro Rig 4x6U-114HP + 4-Tier Moog60 Eurorack View
My chaffy Eurorack Eurorack Private
My gusty Eurorack Eurorack Private
Current - DFAM-MU (copy) MU Private
My random MU Eurorack Private
Current - Single Case Setup Eurorack View
My restful Eurorack Eurorack Private
My glial MU MU View
Current - DFAM-MU (copy) (copy) MU Private
Current - DFAM-MU (copy) (copy) MU Private
2x6U-114HP - September 2020 Eurorack View
My tardy Eurorack Eurorack Private
My grieving Eurorack Eurorack Private
2x6U-114HP - September 2020 (copy) Eurorack Private

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Submitted Modules

1047 16 HP FilterDrumSynth Voice View
1006 16 HP FilterLow Pass GateVCA View
1003 16 HP Envelope GeneratorDual/Stereo View
1005 16 HP VCACV ModulationRing Modulator View
1033 16 HP Envelope GeneratorDual/Stereo View
Eventide H9 MAX Dark HP ChorusDelayLooperMultieffectPitch Shifter ReverbDigitalDual/Stereo View
Eventide PowerMAX V2 HP Power View
CAT 70 HP Envelope GeneratorExternalFilterMIDINoiseOscillatorSynth Voice View
Wasp 70 HP OscillatorSynth VoiceFilter View
MTX8 HP Utility View
A-145-4V 4 HP LFOQuad View
A-135-3 8 HP MixerDual/StereoQuadVCA View
A-183-4 2 HP UtilityQuadDigital View
Doepfer Dark Time + Energy HP Synth Voice View
Model 156 14 HP CV ModulationMixerUtilityAttenuatorDual/Stereo View
E-RM Midiclock+ HP MIDI View
A-138nV 4 HP Mixer View
Buchla Easel Command HP DigitalMIDISynth Voice View
Solina String Ensemble Mk2 70 HP MIDISynth Voice View
Faderfox EC4 HP ControllerMIDI View
Tascam 414 MkII HP DistortionEqualizerLooperMultieffectPitch Shifter SamplingVolume View
DFAM HP Synth Voice View
208C 4 HP Clock GeneratorFunction GeneratorLow Pass GateRandomReverbSequencerSynth VoiceWaveshaper View
Model 180 14 HP Clock ModulatorEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFODual/Stereo View
Model 106 14 HP MixerDual/Stereo View
Model 110 14 HP VCAQuad View
Model 156M 14 HP CV ModulationMixerUtilityAttenuator View
Model 158 14 HP Dual/StereoOscillatorLFO View
JUNE-60 HP Chorus View
Future Retro Swynx HP MIDI View
Moogerfooger MF-105M MIDI MuRF HP FilterMIDI View
Retroverb Lancet HP Reverb View
Doepfer Dark Energy III HP Synth Voice View
Doepfer Dark Time HP Controller View
Yūrokarinba 24 HP ControllerOscillatorSynth Voice View