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DFAM+Mother Compliment Eurorack View
DFAMother B Eurorack View
Mother DFAM Eurorack View
Mothers' Expensive Helper Eurorack View
La Di Da Eurorack View
DFAMother B (New Doepfer 84 hp plan-Critique?) Eurorack View
Moog Add On DFAM + Mother Eurorack View
32 Horses Eurorack View


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Module Collection

This User has 10 modules in his collection.

µMIDI, Pamela's NEW Workout, Arpitecht, Triad, Line_Amp, Buff Mult, THREE SISTERS, OUT V3, Geiger Counter and MANGROVE

Rated Modules

This User rated 8 modules.

Pamela's NEW Workout (5), Arpitecht (5), Line_Amp (5), Buff Mult (5), µMIDI (4), Triad (4), THREE SISTERS (4) and OUT V3 (1)
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