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1 - Charlotte Eurorack Eurorack View
DotCom Studio 66 default MU View
DotCom/ Default Box-33 MU View
4 - Seattle Eurorack Eurorack View
2 - Charlotte MU MU View
Mutable Eurorack View
Doepfer skiff Eurorack View
5 - Waldorf kb37 Eurorack View
Polyphonic Eurorack View


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Submitted Modules

YuSynth Triple Clock Divider - Model 1600 1 HP Clock GeneratorFrequency DividerLogicSequencer View
Elta Polivoks VCF 10 HP Filter View
Kenton Modular Solo Repanel 2 HP MIDI View
E580 Delay Repanel 2 HP Delay View

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Mix 04 and Pro OUT
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