Many-in-1 multifunction module

THE disting mk4

The mk4 builds on the previous mk3 and adds these new features:
- a dot matrix display, making menu navigation, parameter selection etc. a breeze.
- a front panel accessible MicroSD card slot.
- compatibility with the Macro Machines Storage Strip.
- an internal precision clock allowing new algorithms such as a tuner, and pitch and frequency references.

The new version is largely software-compatible with the mk3, and the intention is to continue releasing new features for both the mk3 and mk4 in parallel.

X & Y inputs, A & B outputs:

  • ADC: 24 bit, THD+N -93dB, Dynamic range 99dB, SNR 99dB
  • DAC: 24 bit, THD+N -94dB, Dynamic range 105dB, SNR 104dB
  • Sample rate: 75kHz
  • Z input sample rate: 75kHz

CPU: Microchip PIC32MX at up to 50MHz, hackable, open source code framework available.

There are currently 5 'banks' of algorithms. The first 16 ('classic disting') are:

  • Precision Adder with integer voltage offsets
  • Four Quadrant Multiplier with integer multiply/divide
  • Full-wave Rectifier
  • Minimum/maximum
  • Linear/Exponential Converter
  • Comparator with adjustable hysteresis
  • Sample and Hold with noise source and adjustable slew rate
  • Slew Rate Limiter with linear and exponential slew
  • Quantizer with selectable scales
  • Pitch and Envelope Tracker
  • Dual Waveshaper - wavefolder and triangle-to-sine shaper
  • Clockable Delay/Echo
  • LFO with through zero frequency control and waveshaping
  • Clockable LFO with multiply/divide and waveshaping
  • VCO with linear FM sine and saw outputs
  • VCO with waveshaping (saw/triangle and pulse outputs)

The second bank contains:

  • Precision Adder with fractional voltage offsets
  • Resonator for drum synthesis
  • LP/HP Filter
  • LP/BP Filter
  • BP/HP Filter
  • BP/Notch Filter
  • State Variable Filter (smoothly variable filter type)
  • Voltage Controlled Delay Line (vibrato/chorus/flange effects)
  • Tape Delay with voltage controlled tape speed
  • Clockable Ping Pong Delay (with or without with input pan control)
  • Vocoder (12 band)
  • Phaser (up to 10 stages)
  • Bit Crusher

The third bank contains:

  • Single and Dual AR Envelopes (with or without push)
  • AR Envelope & VCA (with or without push)
  • Clockable AD Envelope (with mute, gate or trigger)
  • Clockable AD Envelope & VCA
  • Shift Register Random CVs
  • Shift Register Random Quantized CVs
  • Shift Register Random Triggers (single or dual)

The fourth and fifth banks contain:

  • ES-1 and ES-2 Emulation
  • Pitch Reference
  • Frequency Reference
  • Tuner
  • Crossfade/Pan
  • Audio Playback (16 bit WAV, mono or stereo)
  • Clocked Audio Playback
  • Audio Playback with V/Oct, Z Speed or End CV
  • MIDI File Playback (Clocked or Free Running)

  • 51 mA +12V
  • 19 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 42 mm deep
  • Ø 4.44 (66 Votes) Average Rating

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