8 HP
24 mm deep
Current Draw
55 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$159 Price in €

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Single channel version of the classic 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator

The Mini PEG is a clock-synced envelope generator and LFO whose envelope times are set by the time between clock pulses or “pings.”

Mini PEG features:
• Envelope length set by incoming clocks or “pings”
• Ping button (tap tempo) or external clock/triggers set the envelope time
• Div/Mult knob and CV jack divide and multiply ping clock from /32 to x16
• Shape knob with full CV control for waveshaping the output envelope, includes various
combinations of exponential, linear, logarithmic and interpolated curves
• Cycle button and gate jack for looping envelopes
• Scale knob acts as attenuating inverter for main envelope output
• Maximum 9.5V peak-to-peak
• Offset knob for setting DC offset, ranging from -9.4V to +9.4V
• End-of-Fall (EOF) output jack goes high when envelope finishes a fall portion and low when
envelope begins a fall portion
• Jack can also be configured as End-of-Rise, Half-Rise, or Tap Clock Out
• ENV OUT jack outputs scaled/offset envelope
• 5V ENV jack output always produces a 0V to +5V envelope, independent from scale/offset
• Trigger jack starts or re-starts an envelope
• Can be configured as Quantized Trigger, Async Trigger, or Async Gate

• 8HP Eurorack format module
• 0.95” (24mm) maximum depth (includes power cable)
• 16-pin Eurorack power header

Power consumption
• +12V: 55mA
• -12V: 30mA

Envelope Outputs
• Maximum voltage range (ENV OUT): -9.4V to +9.4V
• Maximum amplitude (ENV OUT): 9.5Vpp
• Voltage range (5V OUT): 0V to +5V
• Frequency range: +/-0.1dB DC to 1kHz, -1.0dB@2.5kHz, -2.0dB@4kHz
• 12-bit, 40kHz sample rate

Clock Range
• Period range: 29.16 hours to 250μs (4kHz)

CV Inputs (Div/Mult and Shape)
• Voltage range: -5V to +5V

Gate Inputs (Ping, Trigger, Cycle)
• Rising edge threshold: 2.5V


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