4 HP
53 mm deep
Current Draw
80 mA +12V
5 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$249 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

USB Audio Interface ADM09

Audio Damage ADM09 Odio is a Class-compliant USB audio device. No driver required for Linux, OS X, Windows, and iOS. (iOS use requires Camera Connection Kit. Windows requires XP SP2 or later.)

Operating on the USB 1.1 standard, Odio is plug-and-play, and with DC-coupled outputs and 10V p-p modular level audio paths to the Burr-Brown AD/DA convertors operating at 48hKz/16 bit, it will happily work in today’s demanding modular environment with no setup needed. IN L and IN R are inputs to the AD convertor, and expect 10V p-p modular-level audio signals. If you send voltages greater than +5V or -5V, clipping can occur. The LEDs reflect the input level, with blue representing reasonable levels, violet representing peak levels, and yellow representing clipping levels.

OUT L and OUT R are outputs from the DA convertor, and they operate at 10V p-p modular levels. (Note that these are almost 4 times “louder” than the outputs on a typical prosumer audio interface, and will cause clipping and distortion in consumer level home audio equipment.) The outputs are DC-coupled for use with Silent Way, Volta, and other CV output software products. .
The LEDs show output levels, with blue showing normal levels, violet for hot levels, and yellow for peaking.

The USB port accepts a standard USB B plug, with the other end of the cable attached to the appropriate port on your host device. The USB LED is solid yellow if a USB connection is present, and off if no connection is made. Odio operates at 48kHz 16-bit when attached to an iOS device. This is its maximum resolution. You can set lower sample rates and bit depths if Odio is attached to a computer.

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