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~ Live - Late 2023Eurorack
Ieaskul F. MobentheyEurorack
// EducationalEurorack
// Live - ime (now)Eurorack
// Live - ime (future)Eurorack
Module bookmarksEurorack
// Live - optx (alt)Eurorack
// Live - in boxEurorack
~ Live - Early 2023Eurorack
~ Live - exocomp finalEurorack
~ Frequency Modulated Drum ApparatusEurorack
chopping blockEurorack
~ Live - 2022Eurorack
~ Live - 2020Eurorack
// Studio - CurrentEurorack
// Live - currentEurorack

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Dark MatterEurorack
Bastl Instruments - ThymePedals
Bastl Instruments - SoftpopPedals
NYMS 4hp BlankEurorack
Andore Jr.Eurorack
NYMS - BlankEurorack
5hp blankEurorack

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Collection 110 modules

Buff Mult, Zorlon Cannon MKII, MIXMODE, nw2s::io (balanced), A-160-2, Tangle Quartet, DATA (powder/silk panel), Performance mixer, MSCL, Fuzz Factory, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Mix, SAPÈL, Quadratt 1U, MMF, Entropy2, STD, QPAS, Vector Sequencer, Jack Expander, Confundo Funkitus, Noise Tools 1U, Hertz Donut MK III, Tyme Sefari 2, NYMS - Blank, Mimeophon, The Bends (black panel), Unity, Double Andore MkII, NYMS 4hp Blank, u4R, A Sound Of Thunder MKII, 141 , 100 Grit (black), SEM 20 - Black, arbhar, arbhar expander, Local Florist, Crush Delay v3, ADM12 Neuron, E560 Deflector Shield, Next Phase, T.H. SVF, Stages black panel, Three Sisters Black & Gold Panel, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), Discrete XNOR/XOR/NOT, Dual Discrete NOR/OR, Dual Discrete NAND/AND, Penta, Quad Comparator, Noise Plethora, Instant LoFi Junky, Synchrodyne, HiPass, NIHIL - Black, Entity Ultra-Kick, OSC2 Recombination Engine, Terci Ruina, STO (Grayscale black panel), Steady State Gate, DROID, Polychrome Phaser, DROID P2B8 Controller, DROID G8 Expander, DROID X7 Expander, Rings Magpie Black Mirror, ES-8, Maths v2 (Grayscale black panel), Batumi (black panel), A-140-2V, Optomix (Grayscale black panel), Chimera (Black), LxD (Black and Gold), MATHS (black panel), 0-CTRL, Rene Mk2, XPO, Echophon (black panel), FXDf, RxMx, Benjolin, Quadra, Piston Honda MK3, DROID P4B2 Controller, A-124 SE, Entity Ultra-Perc, Sarajewo (black panel), Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer, Erbe-Verb (black panel), modDemix (black panel), DPO (black panel), Optomix (black panel), Snare Drum (Black Panel), DU-SEQ , Peradam, Three Sisters (High Watt, Late 2021), Zadar (black panel), Harmonic Shift Oscillator, RxMx + FxDf, Rings, A-130-8, A-103, T-Wrex, Mult (Black Panel), Modbox, A-111-3, Spectrum, A-138n and Mini Slew

Rated Modules

This User rated 28 modules.

A-160-2 (5), Vector Sequencer (5), ADE-60 4:4 Mix Utility (5), Kermit (5), Mini Slew (5), Maths (5), Benjolin (5), Zorlon Cannon MKII (5), Piston Honda Mk III (5), NYMS - Blank (5), NYMS 4hp Blank (5), Batumi (5), LxD (Low Strike Duo) (5), DATA (powder/silk panel) (5), μVCA II (5), Piston Honda mkII (5), Triatt (5), THREE SISTERS (5), MIXMODE (5), SM630 AWS (5), Dynamix (5), ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout (5), Mix6 (5), SAPÈL (5), MIX 4 (4), Optomix (4), LPG (3) and ABACUS (1)
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