ADM24 Enso

Audio Buffer Module

Ensō is a module that contains a 50-second stereo 48k/32 bit audio buffer, with five different modes for utilizing that buffer.

  • Clocked Looper: a tempo-synced looping mode, for easy manipulation of the stereo buss.

  • Tape Looper: emulates an analog tape loop for "Frippertronics" style looping.

  • Sample Player: a simple stereo sampler and sample playback mode, with slicing/chopping.

  • Replicant: a modular of the popular Audio Damage Replicant plug-in.

  • Glitch Mode: buffer mangling with a vengeance.

Ensō has a front-panel SD card slot for saving and loading WAV files, settings, and firmware updates, and a large LCD screen for displaying information. This module is designed with live performance in mind, and combines ease-of-use with robust construction, for a live looping module that can fill a number of different roles in a live performance modular synth.

  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
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This Module is discontinued.

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