24 HP
57 mm deep
Current Draw
197 mA +12V
164 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$565 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

True Analog Polyphonic 4 voice VCO, Analog PLL

With one set of controls you can easily tame 4 internal analog oscillator for easy polyphonic patching.
One module controls 4 VCOs. So if you require 8 voices, you just get another Poly Phobos

Oscillator Type: Saw Core generator using Phase Lock Loop (PLL) IC.
Exponential CV type: VCA v2164 Exponential converter.

Label Reference:
PCV: Pitch Control Voltage , 1V/octave input
SYNC: VCO input synchronization circuit for forced HARD SYNC
PWM: Pulse Width Modulation Input, only effects the Pulse Wave.
FM: Frequency Modulation. Linear on this product.
MOD: Modulation, Exponential on this product.

LOCK: sets mode to use the small trimmer instead of big Tune Knob.
FREE: sets mode to use the Big TUNE knob and not the small trimmer.
SELECT: refers to trigger input and used to select the wave-forms. The black tactile button is a manual selector.

This is a polyphonic true analog VCO. There are 4 internal VCOs. You get 'one set of controls' for fast, easy polyphonic patch editing.

This module can make:
- audible sound, raw continuous.
- be 1V/octave controlled and conforms to 'popular' musical note intonation.
- can do FM (Frequency Modulation) with no harsh aliasing. This is TRUE ANALOG.
- polyphonic PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). 4 VCO possible.
- polyphonic sync control with the 4 VCOs.
- voltages to control your other modules. -5V/+5V swing.
- detuned unison sounds by using a mixer module to monitor.
- audible 6 wave-forms at once 'switching' patches.
- there are calibration trimmers to adjust the four fine tune knobs, and there are trimmers to 'mess up the musical 1V per octave scale'.

What this product does not have:
- no digital memory storage or recall. No presets.
- no on-board sequencing.
- no Voltage Control Amplifier (VCA), so that the sound stops on the outputs. The user is to have their own VCA modules.
- no individual outputs jacks for each waveform of each individual VCO. That would have been 24 output jacks and too much panel width. You instead get a lazy patching approach, where you use the tactile button to change wave-forms instead of un-patching and picking a wave-form.
- no special LFO toggle mode. It can be tuned to go very slow with the tune knob, though.

Power requirements
- Ribbon Cable 1 is +92mA / -72mA
- Ribbon Cable 2 is +105mA / -92mA.

Currently available at store page for pre-order


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