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Ciao! (Aluminum) USA $100.00 

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sibilant was rated positive by illiac

Collection 104 modules

THREE SISTERS, Diode Operator Station VCF, uZeus, Field Kit, OSC-1, Fluctuations Magnétiques, Disting mk4, uLFO Black, Amplitude & Tone Controller, A-545 2ch balanced line inputs, μMod II, Sum silver, Sum black, Att-Vert silver, Att-Vert black, MULT black, Mult silver, modDemix 2014, troika, Plague Bearer PB-K v2.0 (PB-1v4 circuit), LFO v2 (Black Panel), Basics Utility Module (AKA CV PEAKS - Alternate Panel), Planar 2, Korgasmatron II, MIR, K3021 Master VCO, Batumi, Ciao! (Aluminum), Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2, SINE, Pequeño Interruptor, Kermit, Ts-L, L-122 Uncertain LFO, Outputs (full set) black, Deluxe Power Module, Lifeforms Mod Tools, 1050 Mixer, Quad Operator, Algo expander for Quad Operator, Nano Rand v2 (natural aluminum), LVL+rm, CVP, Ultra-Random Analog, Div, Samara II, Mixwitch, Triple Sloths V2 - Magpie Black Panel, ASSIMIL8OR, Poly 2, Zadar, Nin, v3kt, COLD MAC, Make Noise modDemix (Grayscale panel), Pro Output (Natural Aluminum), ADDAC506, ADDAC506B, Listen Four 1/4, Time Wizard, CLK, Metamorph, Pulsar 23, Lyra-8, CrossOver Filter, Kilpatrick Audio Redox, Tempi (Grayscale black panel), Let's Splosh, ADDAC805.VS2, Black Sequencer, Timbre, 4R, JUST FRIENDS (v2-Gold Clouds), vincâ, Dual VCO Soulless, Dual VCO, ADM18 Shapes, The Bends, Chopper — Magpie "Black Mirror" panel, Outs, MM VCA, Optocore, Clock O' Pawn, Supercell (aluminum panel), Branches, Mixiplexer, CuteLab Missed Opportunities, NUTONE, Ian Fritz's Hypster (black panel), VCOb, XR22 VCO FT, Total Recall, Aeros Loop Studio, Deluge, ES-9, SixtyFourPixels - NoodleBox, Serge Dual Processor, DLFO, EON, WK2, ER-301: Sound Computer (Nostalgia Panel), ochd, Serge SSG and Vert

Rated Modules

This User rated 101 modules.

Timbre (5), v3kt (5), ADDAC805.VS2 (5), Ultra-Random Analog (5), LFO v2 (Black Panel) (5), Kermit (5), vincâ (5), Dual VCO Soulless (5), Dual VCO (5), 1050 Mixer (5), troika (5), CrossOver Filter (5), Planar 2 (5), Pulsar 23 (5), Listen Four 1/4 (5), Mixwitch (5), Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2 (5), Triple Sloths V2 - Magpie Black Panel (5), Ts-L (5), (Black) MIR (5), Lapsus Os (5), Ian Fritz's Hypster (5), VCOb (5), Total Recall (5), Ian Fritz's Hypster (black panel) (5), Mixiplexer (5), Amplitude & Tone Controller (5), Outs (5), JUST FRIENDS (v2-Gold Clouds) (5), NUTONE (5), MM VCA (5), Splosh (5), Fluctuations Magnétiques (5), THREE SISTERS (5), Batumi (4), Vert (4), SixtyFourPixels - NoodleBox (4), COLD MAC (4), Korgasmatron II (4), ochd (4), XR22 VCO FT (4), The Bends (4), Optocore (4), Clock O' Pawn (4), Basics Utility Module (AKA CV PEAKS) (4), A-111-4 (4), Tallin (4), 4R (4), Branches (4), Nano Rand v2 (natural aluminum) (4), CuteLab Missed Opportunities (4), Aeros Loop Studio (4), Let's Splosh (4), CONTROL FORGE (4), E340 Cloud Generator (4), Mult silver (4), MULT black (4), Att-Vert silver (4), Att-Vert black (4), Sum black (4), Sum silver (4), uZeus (4), LEVIT8 (4), MST Dual 2164 VCA (4), LFO (4), OSC-1 (4), Hertz Donut Mk2 (4), Field Kit (4), Disting mk4 (4), uLFO Black (4), Zadar (4), Make Noise modDemix (Grayscale panel) (4), μMod II (4), E355 Morphing Dual LFO (4), uO_C (4), Plague Bearer PB-K v2.0 (PB-1v4 circuit) (4), Basics Utility Module (AKA CV PEAKS - Alternate Panel) (4), ADDAC506 (4), ADDAC506B (4), Metamorph (4), Time Wizard (4), CLK (4), K3021 Master VCO (4), Pro Output (Natural Aluminum) (4), Div (4), Kilpatrick Audio Redox (4), CVP (4), SINE (4), Pequeño Interruptor (4), modDemix 2014 (4), L-122 Uncertain LFO (4), Algo expander for Quad Operator (4), Lyra-8 (4), Amp & Tone (3), DLFO (3), Quad Operator (3), Diode Operator Station VCF (3), LVL+rm (3), QUADNIC (3), cloud busting Albino (3) and A*B+C (2)
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