6 HP
35 mm deep
Current Draw
60 mA +12V
50 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$225 Price in €

This Module is currently available.


LFO Range: 10 sec - 200 Hz
Attack - 1.5MS - 4 seconds
Decay - 4MS - 12 seconds
Sustain - 0-10V
Release - 4MS - 12 seconds

The 141 is a EG/VCA/LFO that fills in gaps and helps clear out some case clutter.

The Envelope Generator is based around the Roland SH101/M-140 era transistor EG giving the 141 a very snappy feel.

The EG is sent to the ENV OUT and to a VCA for the velocity sensitivity section of the circuit. The VEL IN is normalized to +12V, so when there is no input the VEL OUT is the same as the ENV OUT. But when positive voltage is applied to VEL IN the output of VEL OUT will vary as the voltage varies. The 141 ships set up for a 0-5V inout for the velocity sensitive VCA. This makes is compatible with most analog sequencers and modules from companies like Expert Sleepers. There is a 0-10V jumper setting on the back to make the 141 compatible with the Beat Step Pro and other CV sources that put out 0-10V.

The INV OUT is an inverted output of the EG with a range of 0 to -10V.

An Audio VCA is included and normalized to the EG by the 2 switches near the Audio Input. The VCA has Linear and Expo responses and the CV can either be the normal EG output or the velocity sensitive EG.

The LFO has a range from about 10 second to a little over 200Hz. The Triangle and Square outputs are always active. The Square is normalized to the Gate IN and when there is nothing plugged into it the LFO loops the EG. When an external Gate is plugged in the Sync switch can sync the LFO to the external gate or allow it to run freely.

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