Ardurack is a multifunction eurorack module based on Arduino

Ardurack is a multifunction eurorack module based on Arduino.
It has 8 functions all centered around pulse/square signal:
- Trigger by the push of a button (2 to 100ms per impulse).
- Tap-Tempo trigger (2 to 100ms per impulse).
- Modulator, a voltage controlled square wave LFO. Frenquency range is fixed between 0,5Hz (2000ms) and 15Hz (65ms).
- Simple square wave VCO (gated or continuous mode).
- Complex square wave VCO 1 (gated or continuous mode).
- Complex square wave VCO 2 (gated or continuous mode).
- Noise (gated or continuous mode).
- 440Hz Tuner
The conception and functiunalities of the Ardurack make it differ from other modules in it's own unique way.
Every single mode has it's own particularity. They may seem simple at first but with well-thought and clever addons, they transform the module in a complex utility workload machine! For instance things like having a hold option on the trigger when it is high, the doubling of the modulator period by the simple push of a button or the gated mode on the VCO's which avoids the need of an external VCA.
The developing philosopy of the module started from one constraint: The Arduino ProMini board based on the Atmega328p microcontroller. The idea is to extract all good working signal from this chip for the eurorack world. This chip only provides digital signal or square waves. Therefore every output mode is based on square wave / pulse / triggers.
Eventhough it is deliverd fully assembled, functional and equipped with the different modes explained, it is up to you to make this module yur own. You may upgrade or downgrade it's hardware or firmware! It is possible to re-programm it with the Arduino environement and an FTDI adapter. You may also want to add more inputs and/or outputs out of the non-exploited I/O on the ProMini board. You buy the hardware, the assembly and the developping, the rest is up to you!
As to say, it is also the first official module from Cavisynth Labs.
First of a long list to come!

Skiff friendly!

User manual (FR):

  • 30 mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 40 mm deep
  • Ø 5.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

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