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My FINAL VERSION new beginningEurorack
My frightened Eurorack (copy)Eurorack
My doglike EurorackEurorack
My frightened EurorackEurorack

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Trigger Riot (WHITE), MATRIX PATCH, WAVE COMPOSITION OSCILLATOR, MIX SEQUENCER, ADDAC405 VC Relabi Generator, R2R DAC, 4x4 Buffered Multiple (BM), 4x4 Passive Multiple (PM), Dual Logarithmic Slew Limiter (SL), Dual Linear Slew Limiter (SL), Linear Attenuator (AT), Logarithmic Attenuator (AT), Reset Simulation, Moonwalker, TUNE, Logic Bomb, euEM2-T, Quad Voltage Control Switch, Voltage Divider, Rubicon Black Panel, CV Express , ADE-32 Octocontroller, ADE-40 Shaping VCO, ADE-51 VC AHDSR / AHD, ADE-31 Logic Boss, Sinfonion, M/S-MATRIX, ADDAC605 VC Spectral Tilt, CEMVelope, Pro VCF, GYRINX VCF, ADDAC306 , ADDAC506, Dual WASP, ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer (black), Fragment, VC XFader, The Bends, PV44, LB5 - 3U, Warna II (black panel), Bytom (black panel), Odessa, Tirana II, Lipsk, Poti, Batumi, Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII (BLACK), Arpitecht (black panel), Sarajewo (black panel), Katowice (black panel), Euphoria, S-280 (Black), AVS-MIDI-1, Dia, CATPAW silver, Twin Waves MkII, uGrids (Matte Black Aluminum), Ensemble Oscillator (Black Panel), Indian Resonator 2 drum voice, Papomi, STEREO COMPRESSOR, FM AID_silver, MACA Filter, uBurst (Black Textured Magpie Panel), LIQUID GLITCHER , a-312, RS-110N, Dual LPG - Magpie white panel, uO_C Textured Magpie Panel, Noise Generator (NG), 6-Channel Audio Mixer, 3-Channel Audio Mixer, 3360 Dual Exponential VCA, 3360 Dual Linear VCA, 3320 Low-Pass Filter (LPF), 3320 High-Pass Filter (HPF), 3340 Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO), Dual Sample & Hold (S&H), Attenuverter (AV), Clock Divider (CD), DVCA (Black Magpie Panel), 1847 Wavetable VCDO, ConVertor E1, UPLAITS (White), TP8, Quad Gate Inverter, Beehive (uPlaits), USB Power, MRG 3360 VCA, Sono Abitus (Silver), MRG 3340 VCO, MRG 3320 LPF, 7J, 4023 VCF Black, Spring Tank Reverb Aluminum, DC571 Aluminum, MRG 3310 ADSR, Black VCO2, t_μ Micro Temps_Utile, STMix (DIY Kit), 2HP2CV USB to CV Adapter (Black Panel), Slope, M-610 (Black), MKC8 Ор black, ДИУ-1к жб, ДИУ-2ст Aluminium, Veils (2020), Cinnamon - Black, ABC - Black, euEM2-B, High Towers, Extended ADSR, Quad LFO [Black], Running Order (black), Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP, Metal noise designer, 3320-VCF, PM Mutes Expander (Black), Infernal Noise Machine, POLY EG/LFO, OCP - Ornament and Crime Plus (Silver), BaxandallEQ, Chimera (Black), lìon, Stropharia, E-251 Stereo Slider EQ - black, 2HP Glide, Percussion Interface, Percussion Interface Expander, ALM028 - Pip Slope (mk II), Sound scaper eurorack, Black Quad VCA2, Thomas Henry 555-VCO, F8R Output Expander, nanoRings (Aluminum), uBraids II (Aluminum), Y&Y, BSP Break, Choral Generator, MULT, ORX, psuII, MIX, cHUB, nMIDI, E-251 Stereo Slider EQ, TBD, Hex I/O Expander, Frigg Eq, Bin Seq (Black w/ Jacks, Switches and LEDs), Morcom, Enigma, Voltsatten, Clock Divider, Active Mixer, U-120 Pedal Control, U-036, BLM JPJFET Saw Core Module, BLM Quad Quantizer MK2, Morph 4, Fold 6, BLN, Triple Bipolar VCA (BLACK), Quad AAF (BLACK), Swiss Army Mixer V2, Loafers V2, Dual Envelope Generator 1033, Filtamp Module 1006, matrix mixer, 1003, uGrids, uPlaits (Black), Varigate 4+ (Black), M-611 3ch stereo slider mixer, Snare , 2VCA, M-613 3ch stereo slider mixer expansion, Surface (Silver), Kick Drum 2 (Black Line), A-145-4V, A-320, Dispersion Delay - Magpie white panel, Harmonic Shift Oscillator, VCA, A-595, 8-Step, FX AID XL, Fourcaster, Prime Mover, VC-LFO, LL8, SUM 2, Continuum Phaser II (silver), D.O.MIXX, WAVE MORPH VCDCO, 6-Channel Linear Mixer, M-616 6ch stereo slider mixer expansion, M-610 6ch stereo slider mixer, Skew Fade LFO(B/W), VnIcursal VCA(Soulless panel), Bifold, TILT, BLEND, 8x8 Buffered Matrix, black knobs, Pro Output (Natural Aluminum), Quaid Megaslope - Grey, Threshold, Splosh, Squid Salmple - Grey, ROW POWER 45, euEM2, Javelin, Delta-V, Cosmix, Buffered multiple 1 to 3 (x4 ... and more!) W, synthCube BMC038 Dual Panel Keyboard, 808 Snare DIY, 808 Kick DIY, F8R, Croglin, Plancks 2, Moon Phase, ADDAC305 Manual Latches, Tributary, G&T, SELECTOR, Pamela’s NEW Workout, Little Melody, Thomas Henry Bass++, Heaven 16, GESS, OR, AMIX, ROW POWER 25, ALM027 - Boss Bow Two, SIX - MIX black, RND STEP, Voltage Controlled Clock, Stochastic Inspiration Generator (Render of the black panel version !), uTides II, FM Joystick Pro v3, flip, LOGIK, Vice Virga, Geyser, Performance Mixer (black), RCVS-4, FCVS-4, Golden Shower, Invictus, disting EX, Bard Quartet, ADDAC206 Switching Sequencer (custom gray), TR-Core VCF, ADSR, 3340 Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO), Envelope X3 v2, VC AMP MIX, BMC059 Multi PWM, 2HP Dual AB selector, A-535 Gain Up! (Black), A-535 Gain Up! (Silver), Samples, M185 Sequencer, Quad Cutoff, Bindubba - Magpie white panel, ADDAC601 VC Fixed Filter Bank (black), Metamorph / Black panel, Analog8, AI007 Quad Voltage Controlled Mixer VCA, 3PT (Black Knobs), Selecta - reversible panel, "Чатель-6" Aluminium, Via OSC3, Tirana II (black panel), Hrad (black panel), Belgrad (black panel), Jena (black panel), Lipsk (black panel), VCA Matrix (System +5V), ADSR SH 4X, Stereo Attenuators, Sequential Voltage 16, 8-CH Mixer, ASR-LFO, ADSR 102, ADSR, ADSR Expander, Fixed Filter Bank (2020 version), nanoRings, MSK 013 Middle Path VCO, 960 SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER, 962, 911A, SEQ4.2, ADSR, Voltage Block (Black Panel), 2Xflip-sides active, Afterneath, Popcorn Gate Out Expander [Aluminium], Ensemble Oscillator, Cascade, A-174-4 , Black CV Tools, Buffered multiple 1 to 3 (x4 ... and more!), STM32DUINO LFO (DIY), ADDAC216, ATTTN, Oktave, GATE MIX, Q/LFO, Sinulator, ViceEtVersa, 2144 Low-Pass Filter (LPF), nw1, Freak, Vorg, Euclidean Circles v2, Euclidean Circles & Expander (proper panel), T43, trig31, 4hp - headphone amplifier in 4hp, ZeroScope, ADSR, DUAL VCLFO, 24dB LPF, 12dB BPF, 24dB HPF, Brutalist (v1), Brutalist v2, Graviton VCO, Hexagram, M+Mixer, 2^4^8 VCA MK2, MixVert8r, VCO-81, VCO-2, AWM-3, OverFolder, Lizard, 4-Channel Mixer, Fourmulator Quad Digital LFO, qMI2 - Quad MIDI Interface, "Пуск-6" black blue buttons, omsonic Strange – Melodic contour generator, Mutagen, Pathogen, A-174-4 Joy Stick II Black Edition, Sampleslicer MKII, Dual Digital Shift Register DIY version , Clock Divider MK2, Stochastic Inspiration Generator, Transistor Ladder Filter - Full DIY Kit, UPE (Universal Panning Expander), FLF (Funky Ladder Filter), DTVCA, RNF (Really Nice Filter), DBM, VCLFO-C, ER-102, ER-101 (people's choice), Plaits clone, Shelves (PCB Panel), Frames (PCB Panel), AVS-MULT-1, AVS-MIXER-1, MTX9 Pin Matrix, OSC2 Recombination Engine, OSC1 Cyclical Engine, Tetrapad, μFold II/uFold II, OR, Buff Mult, Plog, Rubicon II, Quad VCA, Tete, Morgasmatron, Quadra, Metropolis, Steppy, Scales, Mutamix, Quadra Expander, Quadra Expander mk2, Oscitron, PGM-4X4, FSR-4C, SP-4DP, TEX MIX - 4 Stereo Channels, 12x12 Buffered Matrix, Sweet Sixteen Mk.II, Nutella Tsunami, 8x8 Buffered Matrix, Radioactive, Frankinkstides, Step Fader, ADE-33 Event Boss, ADE-50 3x Lin VCA, A-130-8, A-183-4, A-182-2, A-183-4, A-130-2, A-180-4 Quad Buffer, A-151v, A-142-2, A-140-2, A-132-8, A-180-9, A-111-4, A-173-2, A-173-1, A-185-2v, A-150-8, A-111-3v, A-138pV, A-147-2 SE, A-148v, A-156v, A-138bV, A-112v, A-160-5v, A-138o, A-138p, A-184-2, A-111-3, A-190-3v, A-110-4 SE, A-168-1, A-124 SE, A-157-3, A-180-3, A-157-2 (Prototype), A-139-2, A-160-5, A-147-2, A-160-2, A-157-1, A-155v, A-106-5 SE, A-101-6, A-190-4, A-128 Single Outputs, A-157-2, A-157-3 (Prototype), A-171-2, A-151, A-143-4, A-138m, A-104, A-105, A-106-5 SEM, A-107, A-115, A-116, A-122, A-125, A-128, A-132-1, A-132-2, A-132-3, A-132-4, A-133, A-136, A-137-2, A-138a, A-138b, A-143-2, A-143-3, A-148, A-150, A-149-1, A-138e, A-143-1, A-152, A-154, A-155, A-156, A-160, A-161, A-162, A-165, A-166, A-172, A-174-2, A-176, A-175, A-177-2, A-182-1, A-183-1, A-183-2, A-185-1, A-185-2, A-186-1, A-187-1, A-188-1X, A-188-2, A-190-2, A-190-3, A-192-2, A-198, A-196, Micrón, Skipmin, 2VL1 Dual VCO + LFO, Synthbox, formingle, Listen Four 1/4, SCMBO v1, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, QCD Expander:, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2, SCM Breakout V2, ADDAC221, ADDAC222, ADDAC301C, ADDAC301 Floor Control, ADDAC200PI, ADDAC301B, ADDAC206 Switching Sequencer (black), ADDAC601 VC Fixed Filterbank (Greyface), ADDAC206 Switching Sequencer, ADDAC204 VC CV Mapping, bOSC, ENVy, AI011 Analog VCO, AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer, AI002 Mixer, AI006 Stomp Box Adapter, Wave Swarm, ALM020 - Quaid Megaslope, MATRIX II, Q-VCA, MS-812, RS-450, V9a, Launch Codes, KNIT (White Magpie Panel), Artificial Neural Network, Buff Mult with Attenuators, SYSTEM 100 130 DUAL VCA, System 100 121 Dual VCF, Pro-1, SYSTEM 100 182 ANALOG SEQUENCER, SYSTEM 100 112 DUAL VCO, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, Pico Multi2, Pico VC EG, Pico Mixer, Pico LFO/S&H, Pico BBD, Black Stereo Mixer V3, DIY BBD Delay, LINK, Black Sequencer, Black Double Bass, Black Mute Mixer, DIY Polivoks EG II, DIY Mixer II , DIY Polivoks VCF II , Sequential Switch v2, Sequential Switch CV Expander v2, Black 8-Multi V2, Black Mixer/Splitter V2, Pico Switch, DIY Output module, Black VC EG, Black VC EG Expander, Pico DSP, Pico Logic, Pico SEQS, Pico CV MIX, Pico A MIX, Pico MULTI, Pico SEQ, Pico VCF1, Pico VCO, Black Dual EG/LFO, Black Varishape VCO 2, Black CV Processor, Black Mixer, Black Mixer/Splitter, Sequential Switch CV Generator, Sequential Switch, Polivoks VCF, A-100B2, A-100B1, A-100B4, A-100B8, 6hp Blank, Blank Panel, Blank Panel, Black Blind panel 1HP, 1hp Blank, Accord Melisma, QCDG8, 8-Step Trigger Sequencer, Arrhythmia, USB bridge A, Bin Seq, Dual Mini Sequencer, Tonic, VC Sequencer, Knit Rider Aluminium Panel (Outputs Right), Z8000, Barton Voltage to Rhythm Converter, 8-step Trigger Sequencer (alu), Paths, Resonant Filter Sequencer, MITØ, Step Modulator, M1xXOR, Time Wizard, Cryptograf, SEQ-UFD, VC TRIGGER SOURCE, TriggerHaCker, Muxlicer, Vegan Squid Axon, Circadian Rhythms, SAMPLING MODULATOR, Sampling modulator, Corny Rhythm, CV Arpeggiator V2, ALAK, Algorhythm (black panel), Metamorph, nw2s::b, Moskwa, Octone (Black), Algorhythm, ADDAC402 4 Voice Heuristic Rhythm Generator, Phoreo, Time Runner, Preset, Shifty, Tool, SHFT, Bartos Flur II, LOCKED SAMPLE and HOLD, Lizard2 MK3, (Black) Maze, SYSTEM 100 173 QUAD SIGNAL GATE/ PATCH BAY, Euclid, Arp, MIDI, Verb, Delay, Tune, Stereo Triggered Sampler, RCD Breakout v1.1, Rotating Clock Divider V2, VCA Matrix, Maestro, ADDAC214 (black), ADDAC213B, ADDAC305, uO_C, RECORD, Eurokorn (White), MIDI_Gate, STD, LogicOgic, XXX_OR, ATOM (white panel), Hexa VCA, Mix 4ch Complete Set, XOT, XIN, CATPAW black, Dual Mini Sequencer, CEM3340 VCO, Mutes, A-111-6V, A-140-2V, A-145-4, A-135-1, Midi Arpie Module, Stereoscopic Duo VCA, Mini Note Computer, Pro FM Joystick v2 (Matte Black) 2014, CMOS Clock Divider, Mr Fill Gates, Quad Quantizer, Midi to CV, Stereo Sir Mix Alot (2020), Dwarf Star Stereo Delay FX MK2, BLM Phobos Lunar LFO v2.0, Cydonia VCF, BLM Looping Simple ADSR v2.1, Macro VCO Matt Black 2020, BLM Cyllene VCLFO, Macro VCO, Basics Utility Module (AKA CV PEAKS - Alternate Panel), CMOS FX Processor , BLM JFET VCO, Lunar VCADSR, TEST Accented Percussion Envelope Module (APE), 10HP Mini O_C_D Matt Black with Gold, DIY 12hp Warps, Basics Utility Module (AKA CV PEAKS), CV Alesis Ineko. Additional circuits by Flavio Mireles, JFET VCO, Enhanced Yarns Midi to CV converter DIY, 2018 Duo Skew LFO, Simple Wave Folder, Stereo Sir Mix Alot, Duo Quantize (2016), Five Channel Passive Pro, LM4250 Sour VCF 2016, HPA FXSND, Simple ADSR v2, Hot Rails Pro, Subharmonics Generator, Level Fixit, Simple VCO, tap tempo lfo, Simple Hexagon VCA (Black Version), 4 Channel Gate Sequencer, BUFF, VC Arpeggiator V3.1 Barton Musical Code, CMOS Party 4hp Logic module, CV Arpeggiator V3 Black, Asteroid VCF, White VCADSR, Moon Base DUO VCADSR, Asteroid VCF (Red Color), Duo Skew LFO V2, MIDI CV Converter, 4 HP Noise Generator, White LFO, The Mix, SIR MIX ALOT MODULE, ARP Odyssey VCF and Ring Mod PROTOTYPE, Simple Digital ADSR, Orbitals, Logoi, Patternizer / Spaeterneisa, CLOCK COUNTER/SEPARATOR, U-090 Clock/Reset Corrector, Clockwork, BMC28 Live Rhythm Quantizer , Bloom, Bishop's Miscellany, Tuesday, Stages, JUST FRIENDS, DIY Delay, Sweet Sixteen (alternative silver panel), Frames, Black Joystick2, Chord, Amnesia, Barton Voltage to Rhythm Converter, Lattice, router, Time's Arrow, MH11 ADC Pattern Sequencer, 8-Step Level Sequencer, ARSEq, S-183 CV-8/2 outputs ...for S-180, Circadian Rhythm Prototype, Synthola/Quantola, Rhythm, Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms (Grayscale Panel), Keyboard gates, A-119v, A-135-2v, A+ Astronaut Modular, ALM021 - MCO, S-260 6-to-2 ORer, Switch 4, SL3KT and Paths - Grayscale panel
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