a-197-2 (discontinued)

LCD Oscilloscope Kit

This is not a module manufactured by Doepfer but only a front panel kit to mount the
Velleman VPS10 LCD scope into the A-100 frame. The kit consists of the plain frontpanel (punched for VPS10, without printing),
an A-180 pc board (mounted crosswise below the scope) and all wires necessary to connect the VPS10 to the A-100 bus (power supply)
and the A-180 board (signal input). The connecting lines between the sockets are made with black, waterproof felt pen.
A little bit of mechanical skills and soldering is necessary. Three wires have to be soldered to the VPS10 (GND, +12V, signal).
One hole has to be drilled into the plastic case of the VPS10 for the passage of the wires, and the
VPS10 has to be mounted to the front panel with 4 screws and nuts. A detailed mounting and soldering description is added to the panel kit.
No special measuring cable (BNC - 3.5 mm jack) is necessary as the four right sockets are internally connected to the VPS BNC input
(the BNC input is connected to the right four sockets of the A-180 board) . The four left sockets built a second multiple without connection to the VPS10 (same as A-180).

It is also possible to run the VPS10 with an external power supply to save the "high quality" current/voltage of the A-100 bus.
The VPS does not require an exactly adjusted and highly stabilized supply voltage. In this case the 300mA can be used for A-100 modules.

Why do you offer only the front panel kit ?
We do not get a better price for the VPS10 than a normal end user but have to take on the warranty and to
calculate the dealers rebate into the final price. I.e. we have to add at least the dealers rebate and the handling charges to the VPS10 price to obtain a zero profit !
This would extremely increase the price of the module and we think that this is not in the sense of the customers.

Here you find the description of the Vellemann VPS10: http://www.vellemanusa.com/us/enu/product/view/?id=522077

Remark: We are not responsible for the features of the VPS10. Mounting/wiring the VPS10 may affect the warranty.
Please read the manual A1972man.pdf before you order the kit and the VPS10.




  • 300 mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
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Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is discontinued.

$52 Price in €
34 HP Utility
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