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Collection 345 modules

A-113, A-138a, A-138c, A-100B1, Touch Sequencer, Modular Solo, a-197-2 (discontinued), CGS762 - Slope Detector, Grendel Formant Filter, v1, R-53, IF114 - 4x4 AD/AR Delay Generator, IF120 - Chaotica, Boolean 24B, 3x1 Mixer 9B, 4075 Low-Pass 36B, 48db LPF 67B, 4VCA 31B, 904A 44B, VC AHDBDSR 64B, CV Recorder 57B, Matrix Filter 68B, VCA Panner 21B, Scanner 69B, Switch 56B, Touch Sequencer 72B, VCDO 58B, Vocoder 71B, Attenuate 49B, CEM Filter 29B, Clock 53B, Digital Delay 59B, Super Delay 30B, Diode Filter 23B, Dual FS 65B, Dual VCA 13B, Dual Lag 18B, Dual Mixer 27B, Dual Multimode 40B, Dual VCO 46B, Dual VDO 62B, Envelope Follower 45B, VC DADSR 04B, Fixed Filter Bank 41B, VC Flanger 38B, Frequency Shifter 39B, 4Pole Highpass 15B, X/Y Controller 32B, Dual LFO 05B, MidiCV 63B, Miniwave 22B, Mult 48B, Multimode 10B, Noise / S&H / Ring Mod 07B, VCO 01B, Phase Shifter / Timbre Mod 06B, DIV / SW 20B, Quad Envelope 60B, Quad LFO 03B, Quad LFO 61B, Dual Quantizer 55B, Spring Reverb 35B, Triple Vco 70B, VC Dual ADSR 47B, VC Sequencer 54B, X-Fade 16B, Zeroscillator V2, Wavetable LFO, IF108 - ChaQuO, CGS734 - Analog Shift Register, IF117 - Wavolver II, CGS758 - Utility LFO, ADDAC602 Passive Ring Modulator, WAVE COMPOSITION OSCILLATOR, VC DIGITAL NOISE, SAMPLE & HOLD, VCF - M102, VCA - Voltage Controlled Amplifier, ADSR Envelope Generator, SEQUENTIAL VOLTAGE, ECHO, PATCH 1, MIXER 6-CH, IF109- TGTSH, CGS738 - Mangler, CGS757 Bi-N-Tic Filter, ADDAC208 Comparator & Rectifiers, ADDAC202 Amplifiers, IF113 - 5-Pulser, IF112 - Double Deka - US VCO, ED104 - Dual VCA, CGS721 - Super Psycho LFO, SEQUENCER 101, TRIGGER TO PULSE, PULSE DIVIDER, LOGIC 101, MIC. INTERFACE, PULSE GENERATOR, GLIDE PROCESSOR, LINEAR ATTENUATORS, LS1lightstrip, SWITCH INTERFACE 1, DIGI DRUM, CLOCK COUNTER/SEPARATOR, Short Bus V2:, RB1 Robotto, Control 66B, Beast's Chalkboard, Dual Delay 73B, LFO 2X, VM, Att-Vert black, Compare black, Invert black, MULT black, Sum black, Slew black, V-Noise black, 2180 VCA black, VCO 104, VCO 102, MIDI Oscillator, Mixer 3-channel, Multi-LFO-Noise, ADSR - 101, VCF SP, VCA - 101, Ring Modulator, EMW-200 Filters, 4 Tracks Trigger Sequencer , VCF M101, VCF SYNT12, MULTI BP FILTER, Analog Noise 3X, VC LFO, LFO 3X TRI, AR 3X, 4-Channel Stereo Mixer, Envelope Follower, VC Pan, Audio Switch 201, Audio Switch 202, H-020 Harmonics Generator, ADDAC303, RF Nomad, ADDAC200B 2HP Buffered Multiples, Mr Blue (Black panel), Mult, ZEUS Access, Nebulæ, Dual VCA 13B, DSM01 Curtis Filter, Boozy VCF, PHASER 4, 8-Step Trigger Sequencer, Att-Off black, Express black, A-138u, M-012 Bipolar V-meter with Invertor, U-020 Buffered multiple, 3-BAND SPLITTER, VCF DIODE, VCF M104, ADSR SH, MIDI OSCILLATOR 103, BPM Generator, Bass Pulse, 4X GATE TO TRIGGER CONVERTER, BUTTON INTERFACE 1, VCA 3X, PSEUDO STEREO, ANALOG BASS DRUM 4X, DUAL DELAY, PHASER 12, ANALOG SWITCH 4X, PHASE 45, SWITCHED PATCH, VC TRIGGER SOURCE, ADAPTORS 101, CV MONITOR, STEREO ENHANCER, DUAL PULSE DELAY, DUAL DC SHIFTER, Richter Wogglebug 2014, ES11 - Triple Comparator & Schmitt Trigger, ES84 - Peak & Trough Detector, MIDI THRU-4 , Logic 202, Noise Station, VCF-OB12, DSM02 Character Module, nw1, Radio Music, Telharmonic, Numeric Repetitor, A-510 Preamp, M-120 3Ch Attenuverting Mixer, ABC, Little Nerd, Multiple, Patch 3, Patch 2, R-110, USB Power black, Gozouta Mixer Kit, SYSTEM-1m, SYSTEM-500 530, SYSTEM-500 512, SYSTEM-500 521, SYSTEM-500 540, SYSTEM-500 572, vu-perc, GameSystem, SOLENOID, DC MOTOR, SERVO, MATHS (black panel), MIX SEQUENCER, Cyclic Skew black, CLX, SINE, S-060 VC 4ch(out) Clockworks6, Mini Shimmery Generator BLACK, SeaGoUt, ANALOG DRUM SYNTH, Talko, Voltage Comparators, Logical AND black, Logical OR black, Logical OR silver, Analog Drum Aid, Solenoid CV Velocity Expander, Cyclic Skew silver, Arcade Noise, CV Folder 3X , Distance Recorder, Pot Action Recorder, Black 4 HP Blank Panel, Pulse Counter, T-DRUM, Active patch, Quantizer 101, Radio Music, FX16-CV, Klok2a, MATRIX PATCH, MIDI MIXER, CV TO DMX INTERFACE, MIDI clock to Pulse, VC Slew Limiter, VCO 204, VCF MG24, Multiwave Digital Oscillator, Gain Black, Toggle Black, Buss Voltage Meter, 8-Step Level Sequencer, Sum silver, B-Mult silver, Compare silver, Att-Vert silver, Att-Off silver, Relay Perc, Field Kit, Slew silver, V-Noise silver, Alias DVCO, MINIaudioMIXER, Clock Divider, Clock Multiplier, Clock Generator, Roboto, Hertz, Voltz, Panz, Random Pulse 4x, VCF S100, VCF SH-5X, Fixed Filter Bank, FIELD KIT FX, Resonant Filter Sequencer, Step Modulator, VCA-S700, Stereo VCA, Vactrol VCA, ADSR 4X, Master Mixer 4X, Wave Stereolizer, Stereolizer Processor, 8-track / 16-step Trigger Sequencer, MIDI Note to Trigger, Gate Delay, Headphone Amplifier, Dual Offset Processor, 10V Level Converter, VC Signal Switcher, VCA, LFO, A/R Envelope, VCO Classic, VCF, SPECTRAL VIEWER, Clamp Black, 1uO_c, SWITCH INTERFACE 2, DATA (BLACK), STEREO MIXER, Wavelet (w 1u Panel), Function (white knobs), FleXi blind panel - BLACK - L (24 - 48HP), FleXi blind panel - BLACK - M (12 - 24HP), 2180 VCA black 2019, RND Black, Deckard's Voice, Rachael, Gates + Trigger, 6 X Gate to Trigger Converter, FIXED FILTER BANK, ADSR, ADSR 102, ASR-LFO, ASR 77, 8-CH Mixer, Chorus, Analog Snare Lab, Sequential Voltage 16, Dual Amplifier, Stereo Attenuators, ADSR SH 4X, Quantized DVCO, Sub-Osc Generator, VCF S100M, Noise Point, VCA 4X, Release 4X, 8-channel Stereo Mixer, Crossfader, Switched Distributor 4X, Sequencer 16X, Audio Isolator, MIDI - Thru8, VCO 204, Sub Station, VOLTAGE SOURCE, Wave Compressor and Poly

Rated Modules

This User rated 7 modules.

Dual Quantizer 55B (5), PULSE GENERATOR (5), 4-Channel Stereo Mixer (5), Master Mixer 4X (5), ASR 77 (5), MIXER 6-CH (5) and VC Sequencer 54B (5)
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