20 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
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Experimental VCO - 10x Channel crazy strange CV outputs

  1. Experimental VCO

drone/noise/pulsh/bleep/swoop/glitch sound

  1. complex internal patch 10 x patch jacks mix it for the vco output

  1. 10x Channel crazy strange CV outputs

to make others modules crazy and complex
with the 10 x Channel CV out source

Experimental analog VCO

CMOS base 10x complex Channel

Control voltage .puls out

half fertas / wogglebug / Experimental VCO

mini jack 3.5 mono

big LED 10mm

also very good with

effect modules reverb / delay / lp bp hp /

with reverb is like a classical concert

see demo.

I call it. air moving function

IT glitch .bleep.swoop

she looks like a pussy
but it is a Monster !

12v+ 16pin red stripe down

20 hp .

back 6 cm no skiff


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