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2 - Doepfer mini case Eurorack Private
1 - MN skiffs No.1+2 (50mm) Eurorack Private
3 - Tiptop HEK rack Eurorack Private
0 - System Complete Eurorack Private
Nano+ No.1 Pedals Private
Nano+ No.2 Pedals Private
5 - Intellijel Palette (46mm) Eurorack Private
4 - Pod48x (51mm) 4 modules Eurorack Private


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Submitted Modules

Cellular Automata 12 HP SequencerRandom View
Bi-Di Choppers 8 HP SwitchDual/StereoPanning View
1/n 8 HP Clock ModulatorFrequency Divider View
T-generator 8 HP OscillatorController View
T-sfilter 8 HP FilterDual/StereoDynamicsController View
T-modulator 8 HP LFOControllerQuad View
T-formant 8 HP FilterControllerEffect View
T-colorvca 8 HP VCAControllerDistortionDual/StereoMixer View
T-transient 8 HP Envelope GeneratorControllerDual/Stereo View
T-harmonic 8 HP OscillatorController View
T-sdrone 8 HP NoiseOscillatorControllerDual/Stereo View
T-sspectrum 8 HP EffectControllerDual/StereoEqualizerFilter View
T-sslayer 8 HP DistortionControllerDigitalDual/Stereo View
T-vocoder 8 HP EffectController View
T-mixer 8 HP MixerControllerDual/StereoPanning View
T-quadstrip 8 HP ControllerCV ModulationQuad View
T-qvca 8 HP VCAControllerMixerQuad View
HEXa(s)r 9 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction Generator View
Digital Filter Simulator 12 HP FilterDistortionCV ModulationSample and Hold View
GENiE 12 HP CV ModulationLogic View
Twin-City ABY HP Switch View
Lúbadh expander 2 HP SamplingExpander View
arbhar expander 2 HP EffectExpander View
1U Sloth Chaos 6 HP CV ModulationLFO View
I can't believe it's not a VCO 8 HP FilterOscillator View
Morley ABY 2-Button ABY Signal Switcher HP Switch View
Delay No More 3 18 HP DelayEffect View
Dispersion Delay 18 HP DelayEffectFilter View
100 Grit (prototype) 14 HP DistortionFilter View
Lúbadh 20 HP SamplingDual/StereoDistortion View
arbhar 18 HP OscillatorSamplingEffect View
4HP MIX 4 HP Mixer View
Angle Grinder 18 HP FilterOscillatorWaveshaper View
Beehive (micro Plaits) 8 HP DigitalOscillator View
Signum Hyperchaos 8 HP CV ModulationRandom View
Spasm 8 HP CV ModulationRandom View
Quarks (black panel) 22 HP Oscillator View
Quarks 22 HP Synth Voice View
Squid Axon - Magpie (white panel) 8 HP CV Modulation View
nRings (black panel) 8 HP Oscillator View
Ian Fritz's Hypster (black panel) 12 HP CV ModulationFunction GeneratorLFOOscillatorRandom View
Harmonic PLLaser 18 HP EffectFrequency DividerPitch Shifter Waveshaper View