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2 - Doepfer A-100 LC1V - 48hp (110 / 45mm) Eurorack Private
1 - MN skiffs No.1+2 (50mm) Eurorack Private
Nano+ No.2 guitar / synth Pedals Private
3 - MN skiff No.3 (65mm) Eurorack Private
Nano+ No.1 guitar Pedals Private

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Submitted Modules

Mainframe HP Digital Glitch View
Iron Horse V2 - Halloween 2020 Edition HP Distortion View
Dual Dagger 6 HP FilterDual/Stereo View
CB30 HP Distortion View
Unknown Devices - Ogami Itto HP Delay View
Electrosmith Daisy Field HP Multieffect View
Electrosmith Daisy Petal HP Multieffect View
Kenny B Pedals - Model T HP Distortion View
Kenny B Pedals - Deep Vibe HP View
Valvenergy Cutting Edge HP DistortionModeling/Simulation View
Valvenergy Mystic Edge HP DistortionModeling/Simulation View
Valvenergy Copperhead Drive HP Modeling/SimulationDistortion View
Beehive (Micro Plaits) Black 8 HP DigitalOscillator View
In Orbit Labs - FLUX Sequencer 32 HP Clock GeneratorLogicSequencerCV ModulationEnvelope Generator View
RC-5 HP Looper View
3 Series Reverb HP Reverb View
3 Series Compressor HP Dynamics View
3 Series Delay HP Delay View
3 Series Distortion HP Distortion View
3 Series Fuzz HP Distortion View
3 Series Overdrive HP Distortion View
3 Series Chorus HP Chorus View
Chronovore 24 HP Sequencer View
Blackhole HP DigitalReverbDual/Stereo View
Latent Lemon Audio - Hurts HP Distortion View
Choral Generator 18 HP Effect View
Diode Chaos 3 HP LFORandom View
Twin City ABY HP Switch View
1U Signum (black panel) 6 HP Switch View
SLOIKA Mk.II HP Distortion View
FETISH Mk.II HP Distortion View
Ratatak HP Distortion View
3 to 1 Mixer 2 HP MixerUtility View
Ian Fritz's Hypster (black panel) 12 HP CV ModulationFunction GeneratorLFOOscillatorRandom View
I can't believe it's not a VCO 8 HP FilterOscillator View
Bi-Di Choppers 8 HP SwitchDual/StereoPanning View
Cellular Automata 12 HP SequencerRandom View
1U Sloth Chaos 6 HP CV ModulationLFO View
Beat Freq 8 HP CV ModulationRandom View
VCAs 8 HP DistortionVCA View
Dispersion Delay 18 HP DelayEffectFilter View
Delay No More 3 18 HP DelayEffect View
Signum Hyperchaos 8 HP CV Modulation View
1U Diff-Rect 6 HP CV ModulationMixer View
4HP MIX 4 HP MixerAttenuatorPolarizerUtilityQuad View
1/n 8 HP Clock ModulatorFrequency Divider View
Dual LFO/VCO 8 HP LFOOscillatorDual/Stereo View
BBX291 VCF 10 HP Filter View
JF-11 HP Equalizer View
G&T 2 HP Utility View
MicroTest 12 HP Utility View
Lúbadh 20 HP SamplingDual/StereoDistortionDelayDigitalEffect View
arbhar 18 HP OscillatorSamplingEffectDelayDigitalDual/StereoPitch Shifter Reverb View
Stereo Sir Mix Alot (2020) 24 HP Mixer View
Dwarf Star Stereo Delay FX MK2 18 HP Delay View
FM Joystick Pro v3 12 HP CV Modulation View
Pitch (Black Panel) 2 HP DigitalEffectPitch Shifter View
Loop (Black Panel) 2 HP SamplingDigital View
Three Body 30 HP DigitalOscillator View
Monsoon (aluminum) 12 HP DigitalEffectPitch Shifter Reverb View
Copilot Fx - Simulcast v4 HP DelayDigital GlitchLooper View
Vice Virga 8 HP Switch View
HEXa(s)r 10 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorMixer View
Copilot Fx - Simulcast v3 HP DelayDigital GlitchLooper View
RC-20 HP Looper View
RC-505 HP Looper View
RC-50 HP Looper View
arbhar expander 2 HP Expander View
Bard Quartet 10 HP QuantizerQuad View
F8R 16 HP ControllerCV ModulationMIDI View
uGrids (gloss white) 8 HP View
SEEDS 8 HP DigitalOscillatorSynth Voice View
Univer Inter 6 HP MIDI View
Virt Iter 6 HP DigitalOscillator View
Frequency Central - Stasis Leak HP ChorusDelayDigitalReverb View
Spherical Sound Society - Vortex Generator 10 HP Clock ModulatorEnvelope GeneratorLFOClock GeneratorSequencer View
Z5000 (BLACK) 8 HP DigitalEffect View
ECHOZ (BLACK) 8 HP DelayDigitalEffect View
ZVERB (BLACK) 8 HP DigitalEffectReverb View
VCSK 4 HP Filter View
AVR-VCO 3 HP DigitalOscillator View
Mad Doctor Stutter HP Switch View
THICKEN HP ChorusDelay View
HELIUM Mk.II HP Distortion View
UNITY Mk.II HP DynamicsDistortion View
EKKO 616 Mk.II FE HP Delay View
Korora Audio - Merlo HP Tremolo View
Korora Audio - Spira HP DelayFilter View
Angle Grinder 18 HP FilterOscillatorWaveshaper View
T-generator 8 HP OscillatorController View
T-sfilter 8 HP FilterDual/StereoDynamicsController View
T-modulator 8 HP LFOControllerQuad View
T-formant 8 HP FilterControllerEffect View
T-colorvca 8 HP VCAControllerDistortionDual/StereoMixer View
T-transient 8 HP Envelope GeneratorControllerDual/Stereo View
T-harmonic 8 HP OscillatorController View
T-sdrone 8 HP NoiseOscillatorControllerDual/Stereo View
T-sspectrum 8 HP EffectControllerDual/StereoEqualizerFilter View
T-sslayer 8 HP DistortionControllerDigitalDual/Stereo View
T-vocoder 8 HP EffectController View
T-mixer 8 HP MixerControllerDual/StereoPanning View
T-quadstrip 8 HP ControllerCV ModulationQuad View
T-qvca 8 HP VCAControllerMixerQuad View
Lúbadh expander 2 HP SamplingExpander View
Morley ABY 2-Button ABY Signal Switcher HP Switch View
Quarks (black panel) 22 HP Oscillator View
Quarks 22 HP Synth Voice View
Squid Axon - Magpie (white panel) 8 HP CV Modulation View
nRings (black panel) 8 HP Oscillator View
Harmonic PLLaser 18 HP EffectFrequency DividerPitch Shifter Waveshaper View

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