Experimental oscillator

Tropical noise. It’s an experimental oscillator that you can control the pulses and the sound by changing the capacitors.

There are two places on the front plate where you can change the capacitors. You can also put them in series to have different sounds and different melodies because the capacitors have different values you can play with it. Different values have different sounds. There is the possibility to use the tropical fish capacitors.

The tropical fish capacitors has a special fat and deep sound. This electronic compartments are hard-to-find, it is also called the vintage capacitor, some of them come from the years 1950-1960. it comes with a bag of 20 different capacitors that you can mix. In the bag you will find the old ones like the vintage colours, but also new one we use these days.

The Micro Noise knob is a special knob to find the sweet spots. It’s very sensitive and it can turn 10 times.

There is a glitch matrix mixer that gives the possibility for different sounds in the oscillator. You can make a lot of variable presets by using three switches in different ways.

CV / Trigger / Gate in -- You can use the trigger or control voltage input To make Short sounds or a strange bleeps. Use the micro noise knob for the offset if you are using CV/Trigger/Gate in.

Limited edition of 50 units. It comes with a bag of 20 capacitors.

11 HP


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
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This Module is discontinued.

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