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Submitted Modules

Disting mk4Eurorack
Tiny MIDI breakoutEurorack
ES-3 mk4Eurorack
FH-2 'factotum'Eurorack
disting EXEurorack
ES-5 mk3Eurorack
FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2Eurorack
ES-6 mk2Eurorack
MIDI BreakoutEurorack
FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2Eurorack
Little MikeyEurorack
ESX-8MD mk2Eurorack
Disting mk4 (Rubadub Special Edition)Eurorack
Disting mk3Eurorack
Select Bus breakoutEurorack
FH-1 'faderHost'Eurorack
General CVEurorack
ESX-8CV mk2Eurorack
ESX-8GT mk3Eurorack

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os was rated positive by Octafish

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This User rated 15 modules.

ESX-8GT Gate Expander (5), Disting mk4 (5), Disting mk3 (5), Disting mk1 (5), RS-95E (5), ES-5 mk2 (5), ESX-4CV (5), ES-4 SPDIF/CV Interface (5), ES-3 mk2 (5), μFold II/uFold II (4), R-51 (4), Brains (1), CM1A (1), FOUR PLAY (1) and 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter (1)
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