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studio static modular Eurorack View
6U 102HP Expert Sleepers for Superbooth 2019 Eurorack View
6U 102HP gigging suitcase June 2018 Eurorack View
6U 102HP gigging suitcase for Blacking Out Eurorack View
mini-case for Telegraph Hill 2019 Eurorack View
6U 102HP gigging suitcase for patchEd July 2019 Eurorack View
6U 102HP gigging suitcase November 2019 Eurorack View
6U 102HP gigging suitcase September 2019 Eurorack View
6U 102HP gigging suitcase for Synthfest UK 2019 Eurorack View

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Submitted Modules

ES-6 mk2 4 HP ExternalMIDIExpander View
FH-2 'factotum' 8 HP Clock GeneratorLFOMIDIEnvelope Generator View
MIDI Breakout 4 HP MIDI View
ES-5 mk3 4 HP MIDIDigitalExpanderExternal View
ES-8 8 HP CV ModulationUtilityExternalControllerMIDI View
Disting mk4 4 HP EffectQuantizerUtilityLFOOscillatorDelayWaveshaperSampling View
FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2 4 HP Clock GeneratorExpander View
FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2 4 HP Expander View
Little Mikey 8 HP PreAmpExternal View
ESX-8MD mk2 10 HP Clock GeneratorMIDI View
Disting mk4 (Rubadub Special Edition) 4 HP DelayEffectLFOOscillatorQuantizerSamplingUtilityWaveshaper View
Disting mk3 4 HP DelayEffectLFOOscillatorQuantizerSample and HoldUtilityWaveshaper View
Select Bus breakout 4 HP MIDIUtility View
ES-3 mk4 8 HP ControllerMIDI View
ES-7 mk2 CV Input Expander 4 HP ExpanderUtility View
FH-1 'faderHost' 8 HP ControllerMIDISequencerClock GeneratorClock ModulatorDigital View
DRUM-02 12 HP Drum View
DRUM-03 8 HP Drum View
General CV 12 HP OscillatorSamplingSynth VoiceDrum View
ESX-8CV mk2 4 HP Expander View
ESX-8GT mk3 4 HP MIDIDigitalExpander View

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Rated Modules

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ESX-8GT Gate Expander (5), Disting mk3 (5), Disting mk1 (5), RS-95E (5), ES-5 mk2 (5), ES-3 mk2 (5), ES-4 SPDIF/CV Interface (5), ESX-4CV (5), R-51 (4) and μFold II/uFold II (4)
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