4 HP
49 mm deep
Current Draw
8 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$150 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Gate, Clock and Sync expander for the ES-3 Lightpipe to CV DAC

The ES-5 is an expansion module for the Expert Sleepers ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface, ES-8 USB Audio Interface or ES-9 USB Audio Interface.

It piggybacks on one of the host module's stereo channels to provide eight gate/clock/sync/MIDI outputs on the ES-5 itself, plus further expansion headers to connect up to six expansion modules e.g. the ESX-8GT Gate Expander, the ESX-8CV CV Expander or the ESX-8MD MIDI/DINsync Expander.

The ES-5's specifications are as follows:

Panel width: 4HP
Module depth: 49mm
Digital input: connection from ES-3, ES-8, or ES-9 module
Analogue outputs: 8x 3.5mm jacks, DC-coupled
Output voltages: 0V/5V
Indicators: illuminated jack sockets
6 headers for connecting expansion modules e.g. the ESX-8GT
Current draw: 8mA on the +12V rail, 0mA on the -12V rail
The front panel is drilled for both Doepfer and Analogue Systems mounting holes (using a 'slot' rather than a single round hole). The power connector is a Doepfer standard 16 way IDC, with -12V furthest from the top of the board.

Note that connection to the ES-3 is by a simple plug-in cable for the ES-3 mk2 and above. The original ES-3 requires some soldering to add the required connections.

Software Requirements
Unlike the ES-3 itself, the ES-5 requires particular software in order to generate meaningful output signals. Currently, the only such software is the 'ES-5 Controller' plug-in, part of Expert Sleepers Silent Way, and our Max/MSP external (see below).

Silent Way is available in AudioUnit, VST & AAX formats for Mac OS X and Windows. Use of Silent Way therefore requires a compatible host application (DAW).

A Silent Way licence is not included with the ES-5 - however, the ES-5 Controller plug-in functions in a licence-free mode, so ES-5 users are not forced to buy Silent Way. Such users can than evaluate the rest of the Silent Way suite in demo mode.

A free plug-in for VCV Rack is available to ease integration of the ES-5 into the Rack environment.


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