Voltage storage and recall

CTRLSEL - A prototype of system of modules that have Global and Local recall of states within analog modular synthesizers via a single analog control voltage. The modules are programmed locally with settings stored in up to 32 memory locations (creators say that they might up this to 64 to be compatible with WMD SSM module). The stored settings may be recalled locally using the SELECT CV input and SELECT panel control, and globally using the SELECT Bus. In other words, it is possible to modulate the presets of many CTRLSEL modules simultaneously as well as modulating the preset of a single CTRLSEL module independently. Therefore you could use just one CTRLSEL-V all by itself or you could use several independently or together on the bus. You do not need the bus to use the CTRLSEL-V, but it is fun.

The V is for Voltage. CTRLSEL-V allows for programming of parameter settings and modulation. It stores 32 versions of 3 channels of voltages. Each channel may have the following parameters programmed and stored for recall.

  • TIME sets rate of change in the FUNCtion.
  • AMPlitude sets the level or depth of the FUNCtion
  • OFFset raises or lowers the FUNCtion by up to 5VDC
  • FUNCtion selects type of voltage:

    • DC Voltage
    • Quantized Voltage
    • Triangle LFO
    • Ramp Up LFO
    • Ramp Down LFO
    • Square LFO
    • Stepped Random
    • Smooth Random.


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
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This Module is discontinued.

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