12 HP
Current Draw
33 mA +12V
17 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$116 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.




DRUM-02Delivering five different analogue generated percussion sounds, DRUM-02 is the best possible addition to MFB’s DRUM-01 Bass- and Snare-Drum module

The sounds are Tom, Low Bongo, Hi Bongo, Low Clave and Hi Clave.

The sounds are vastly taken from the MFB-501 and offer individual decay controls.

Accordingly to DRUM-01 module, DRUM-02 uses C-MOS gates for a unique sound that is softer and less distorted than typical OpAmp’s circuit layouts. The C-MOS gate are combined to work as a bandpass-filter with adjustable resonance.

Triggering of all five inputs can take place by digital and analogue signals. Individual controls for input sensitivity also allow usage of drum-pads, piezo- and dynamic microphones. Dynamic triggering will not only affect the volume but also its attack and decay level.

The matching step-sequencer for DRUM-01 and DRUM-02 will be forthcoming SEQ-1 module that will allow 12 trigger-tracks with individual outputs and accent function.

Remark: The sounds H1 and H2 of MFB-501 have been renamed to Low Clave and Hi Clave in DRUM-02. Tom and the two bongo instruments can also be used as three toms tuned differently.


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