26 HP
20 mm deep
Current Draw
120 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$600 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Indexed Quad Sequencer

The ER-101 is a real-time composition, sequencing and automation environment, all in 26HP. It enables you to compose sequences of thousands of steps with variable duration, variable gate length, arbitrary scales, smooth transitions, save/recall device state and much more.


  • 4-track sequencer
  • stepped and smooth voltage transitions
  • each track has 3 outputs: 2 CVs + 1 gate
  • each track has its own adjustable loop points
  • each track contains up to 100 patterns and each pattern can contain up to 100 steps
  • each step can be individually adjusted to have 0-99 clock cycles in duration
  • each gate can be individually adjusted to have 0-99 clock cycles in duration with or without ratcheting
  • configure each track to output gates or triggers
  • configure each track to have its own clock multiplier (1x to 99x)
  • CVs are chosen (indexed) from voltage tables of which there are 2 per track (A & B)
  • 8 built-in and 8 user reference voltage tables for initializing the track tables
  • voltage tables are user-editable and have 100 entries per table
  • voltages between 0.000-8.192V at 2mV increments can be dialed in
  • each voltage table can be configured to use note display or numeric display
  • smoothing can be enabled for individual steps, entire patterns and/or entire tracks
  • smoothed transitions are NOT simply slews but are adjusted to match the current tempo in real-time
  • hold feature (complete double-buffering of device state) allows you to edit-and-commit on the beat while the sequencer is running
  • while in hold mode, committing changes to a running sequence can be either immediate or quantized to the beat
  • reset can be either immediate or quantized to coincide to with the ending of the current track, pattern, or step
  • stores up to 16 snapshots of the state of the entire device
  • arbitrary insert/delete of patterns/steps with clipboard style copy/paste
  • math button allows you to specify a mathematical operation to apply to a step, a pattern or a track.
  • note repeat (aka ratchet) any step
  • shuffle (aka swing) any step
  • expansion port
  • last saved snapshot is loaded automatically on power-up
  • firmware upgradeable via USB
  • expander available: ER-102


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