84 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V

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Digital Signal Interface

The Controller Bay is a stunted Eurorack bank that receives all signals within the module system that will be translated to a digital protocol for interfacing with software. There are several sub-modules within the Controller Bay.

From Friends + For Friends
The Theseus platform supports a bus system that allows signals from other systems to be shared with another users system. From Friends compliments the For Friends section on the far right of the Controller Bay. Signals plugged into For Friends will be received on another user's From Friends section. The simple communication protocol allows for a new kind of sharing not previously seen in modular systems. Feedback and reprocessing become possible and will likely lead to interesting results.

General Purpose Controllers
This section of Controller Bay contains eight rotary controllers and eight pushbuttons. They act as normal controllers and function independently of the modular aspects of Theseus. The pushbuttons can be set to toggle or momentary functionality via the Theseus software interface in Max.

Sends + Receives
These inputs act similarly to the general purpose controllers except that they can be set and activated using signals from Theseus modules. There are six inputs for analog voltages and another three for digital ones. Accompanying these inputs are sets of digital and analog outputs . These outputs act as a means to bring information from a user's software into the modular system.

Percussion Inputs
Percussion Inputs is two banks for four channel monophonic gate inputs. Both banks allow the user to set the velocity of each note using a rotary controller. Velocity modulation is only possible on the top bank. Note values are hardwired in this case and can only be changed using the Max interface.

Splitter is a set of three jacks all using the same connections. This allows the user to, as the name implies, split a signal into two paths. But it must never be used. Ages ago a curse was placed on Splitter by the evil sorcerical wizard, Nurz. Patching anything into this section, much less using it, will bring swift misfortune upon the user. Avoid at all costs.

Chord Inputs
This section is an experimental section of the Controller Bay and something not possible in analog systems. Chord Input needs only one analog input to produce a note on and off signals. This is accomplished by automatically creating the message if the analog message has changed in value. This is very useful when used with a step-sequencer which usually requires 2-3 connections. Due to the nature of this message its length must be set using a rotary controller. Additional features include modulation input for length and a velocity controller with modulation input.

Monophonic Inputs
These inputs are setup in the same manner as the Percussion Inputs except there are only four channels and each channel possess another controller and accompanying modulation input for pitch.


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