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Submitted Modules

Totem 2 HP ControllerMIDI View
LS1lightstrip 4 HP Controller View
RackBrute 6U/3U Power 5 HP Power View
MIDIXO 2 HP MIDIUtility View
FIELD KIT FX 36 HP DelayEffectFilterMixerReverbSequencer View
Performance mixer 40 HP MixerPanningAttenuatorControllerExternalVCA View
Minilar 20 HP ControllerMIDI View
The Starry Night 8 HP ControllerMIDI View
it's working 4 HP Controller View
MO 2 12 HP MIDI View
A-138o 4 HP MixerUtility View
WOW AND FLUTTER 12 HP EffectDelay View
GMS-632EU USB/MIDI/CV Interface 6 HP MIDI View
Waverazor Dual Oscillator 26 HP DigitalMIDIOscillatorWaveshaper View
Primitive 6 HP Ring Modulator View
Moog Mother-32 60 HP Synth VoiceClock GeneratorFilterLFOMIDIMixerMultipleSequencer View
Volca modular 40 HP Synth Voice View
AM8005 Diode Multi Mode VCF 18 HP Filter View
ADM06 Sequencer 1 36 HP Clock GeneratorSequencerLFO View
MIC. INTERFACE 6 HP External View
LOGIC 101 6 HP LogicQuad View
VOLTAGE SOURCE 6 HP UtilityMultipleDual/StereoCV Modulation View
PULSE GENERATOR 6 HP WaveshaperComparator View
PULSE DIVIDER 6 HP Clock ModulatorMultipleUtility View
CV Graphic V2 9 HP CV ModulationDigitalSequencerUtilityClock GeneratorClock Modulator View
A-157-1 (Prototype) 36 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
A-157-2 4 HP Sequencer View
A-157-3 (Prototype) 6 HP Clock Generator View
DIV fibonacci 6 HP Clock Modulator View
DIV power 2 6 HP Clock ModulatorFrequency Divider View
DIV three 6 HP Clock Modulator View
DIV odd 6 HP Clock Modulator View
DIV one ten 6 HP Clock Modulator View
DU-INO 14 HP Clock GeneratorOscillatorSequencerControllerDigital View
Mick Gründer Black Optics panel 80 HP Synth Voice View
RIBBON 6 HP Controller View
OSC-01 Triple DCO 16 HP OscillatorRing Modulator View
Cyclic Skew black 12 HP CV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorLFO View
Audio Compositor 20 HP Mixer View
HAL 9000e 6 HP Utility View
Blank Panel 4 HP Blind Panel View
ES-8 Bitwig Edition 8 HP Clock ModulatorControllerExternalMIDIUtility View
MOTHERFUCKER-19 60 HP Clock ModulatorEnvelope GeneratorFilterLFOOscillatorSlew LimiterSynth VoiceVCA View
MODULÖR114 84 HP EffectMIDISynth VoiceController View
555 16 HP OscillatorWaveshaper View
VD-01 Videoscope 8 HP VideoUtility View
SPECTRAL VIEWER 12 HP ExternalUtility View
Optomix rev2 2016 8 HP Dual/StereoFilterLow Pass GateMixerVCAEnvelope Generator View
KASTLE MINI SYNTH eurorack 14 HP Synth Voice View
3U 12HP Blank Eurorack Panel 12 HP Blind Panel View
DIGI DRUM 8 HP DrumDigital View
QCD Expander: 12 HP Expander View
Elements Module 16K 20 HP Controller View
FHX-1 Output Expander for FH-1 4 HP DigitalExpanderMIDI View
Equation Composer 12 HP DigitalNoiseRandom View
Elements MIDI Module 4E4F4B 20 HP Controller View
Short Bus V2: 6 HP MixerLogicSwitch View
ArdCore silver faceplate 10 HP ControllerFunction GeneratorLogicUtilityCV ModulationEffectLFORandom View
Friendshaper + Wavefriends 18 HP AttenuatorDual/StereoMixerOscillatorPitch Shifter Waveshaper View
Shock Electronix Modatron Duo 22 HP FilterLFOOscillatorWaveshaper View
Fidget Spinner 18 HP NoiseOscillatorLFO View
COLOUR PALETTE 18 HP DigitalEffectUtilityVCA View
oberkorn sl16 84 HP Sequencer View
Either-OR Eurorack OR Module 14 HP LogicSwitch View
A-138p 16 HP Mixer View
Shock Electronix Modatron EsQu-One Step Sequencer 38 HP MIDISequencer View
Moog WST-E1 45 HP CV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorFilterLFOSynth VoiceVCAOscillator View
Speak & Read 18 HP DigitalNoise View
Oscitron 14 HP EffectOscillatorWaveshaperDigital View
TelewizorV2 16 HP Video View
SYSTEM-500 530 16 HP VCADual/StereoMixer View
Amnesia 8 HP Sequencer View
ADDAC911 84 HP MultipleUtility View
ADDAC001 VCC (Voltage Controlled Computer) 12 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorControllerCV ModulationSequencerUtility View
MIDI 3 6 HP Clock GeneratorCV ModulationMIDIDual/Stereo View
ADDAC303 4 HP Clock GeneratorController View
reverse-speaker 28 HP AttenuatorUtility View
Eurorack Tile Carrier 20 HP Blind PanelUtility View
EUXOLOTI 20 HP DelayEffectOscillator View
MIDI-SEQ-8 8 HP ControllerMIDIPowerSequencer View
Oberheim Mini Sequencer 34 HP Clock GeneratorMIDISequencer View
LINEAR ATTENUATORS 6 HP AttenuatorMultipleDual/StereoUtility View
EKO 4 HP DelayEffect View
308 Distortion Module 4 HP DynamicsEffectDistortion View
The Muxquencer 18 HP CV ModulationSequencer View
Cadet System 21 84 HP CV ModulationDigitalMixerVideo View
MVIP (Mini Video Image Processor) 14 HP Video View
GMS-632x Host Extender 4 HP ExpanderExternal View
Shock Electronix Modatron Modulator 22 HP FilterLFOOscillator View
Shock Electronix Modatron Delay 22 HP DelayFilterLFOOscillator View
pverb 8 HP Effect View
Life Oranges 8 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorUtilityOscillator View
PWR 4 HP Power View
SEQUENCER 101 16 HP Sequencer View
Mandalatron 36 HP CV ModulationSequencer View
Neat TV 8 HP Utility View
Ripple Me Timbers 12 HP Pitch Shifter Sampling View
Lowfo 14 HP LFOOscillator View
Maht Dvdr 6 HP Clock ModulatorFrequency DividerSequencer View
Boolean Logic Matrix 14 HP Logic View
Missing No. 8 HP DrumLogicRandom View
Don't Care Now! 8 HP CV ModulationFunction GeneratorOscillator View
Controller Bay 84 HP ControllerDrumMultipleUtility View
GMS-634EU Programmable Processor 12 HP MIDISampling View
GMS-740EU MIDI TO CV CONVERTER 12 HP Clock GeneratorDual/StereoMIDI View
GLIDE PROCESSOR 6 HP Slew LimiterMultipleDual/Stereo View
3U 8HP Blank Eurorack Panel 8 HP Blind Panel View
3U 6HP Blank Eurorack Panel 6 HP Blind Panel View
3U 4HP Blank Eurorack Panel 4 HP Blind Panel View
3U 10HP Blank Eurorack Panel 10 HP Blind Panel View
i 4 HP DrumExpanderExternalMixer View
M 4 HP CV ModulationExpanderExternal View
Trig-b 6 HP DrumExpanderUtility View
Volca Beats -e 40 HP DelayDrumMIDISequencer View
BEFACO SLICER V3 20 HP Clock Generator View
M-011 Bipolar V-meter 4 HP ExternalUtilityMultiple View
HDCV88 20 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorControllerDigitalLFOUtility View
Bl1 Brain Interface 8 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorControllerCV ModulationEnvelope FollowerExternalFunction GeneratorLogicUtility View
Eurorack Clock Capture Module 4 HP Clock Generator View
Rc1 radiostar 28 HP Clock ModulatorCV ModulationClock GeneratorDigitalFrequency DividerLFOMIDIQuantizerSequencerUtility View
DEP2b 22 HP EffectFilterSampling View
Elements Module 4F4B 20 HP Controller View
Elements MIDI Module 8F 20 HP Controller View
Elements MIDI Module 4K4F 20 HP Controller View
Elements MIDI Module 4K4F4B 20 HP Controller View
Elements MIDI Module 16B 20 HP Controller View
Elements MIDI Module 4AB 21 HP Controller View