45 HP
77 mm deep
Current Draw
300 mA +12V
300 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$999 Price in €

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SE2026 6 Channel Audio Mixer

SynEssentials SE2026 Studio Quality, 6 Channel mixer in Eurorack format. EQ, Pan, 2 Sends, Solo, Mute and audiophile headphone amp.

The SynEssentials SE2026 is a studio quality, full function, 6 channel audio mixer, built in the Eurorack format. It can serve as the heart of your Eurorack system, with six individual mono input channels. Each channel has Gain, Lo EQ, Hi EQ, 2 mono FX Sends, Pan, Solo, Mute and Channel Level. There are also individual clipping indicators for each channel, as well as Master VU meters for output 1.

The SE2026 has standard 3.5mm jacks on the Euro (Input) side, and ¼” audio jacks on the “real world” (Output) side, to make interfacing to your audio gear simpler, and more reliable. If you want to interface to Eurorack FX, we recommend the Hosa YPM-523 ¼” TRS to Dual 3.5 mm Female adaptors.

There are 2 separate level controls, for outputs 1 and 2 so you can drive the PA system, and a tape recorder (for example) at different levels. A separate level control is provided for the headphone mix.

2 Mono sends with level controls are provided, and there are two stereo returns provided for FX. Also included are a stereo Hi Gain, and a stereo Lo Gain Aux input, where you can insert an audio playback device or another sound source. You can also use the Aux Lo inputs as stacking inputs to combine two or more SE2026 mixers together, for additional channels.


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