RIT_M RhythmSequencer

SDS Digital

This 4HP'er let's you tap in a rhythm, creates a clock and T/G plus an on-the-fly programmable CV Sequence

As this is a brand new sequencer prototype, I'll try to keep the description short as things will likely change a lot.
There are several Modes in this module, but I'll discuss the primary here.

The RITM has two variable touchpads, on to tap in a rhythm, and the other to define the loop point. A clock is derived based on this rhythm, loop size, and settable BPM range(i.e. 60 to 120BPM or 90-180BPM). The resulting clock is panel adjustable from 1 PPQN to 96 PPQN.
The "Magic" Clock jack is bi-directional so the RIT
M can be the source clock, or be clocked by an external source.

T/G Output:
The trigger/Gate output is precisely the beat you entered by tapping the RHYTHM pad. The duration of each tap will also be output as more of a gate but slightly exaggerated. Similar to velocity sensitivity.

CV Output:
The CV output's default function is to output the CV knob position at the time of recording. This allows real-time control of a VCO, filter element, VCA etc.
Moving the CV knob during a sequence playing will momentarily "take over" the CV jack, and any tap on the Rhythm pad will update the nearest "beat" with the new CV. This is especially useful if controlling a VCO. There is also a quantizing option.

- A loop can be up to minutes long
- CV's in sequence can be changed on cue
- Beats can be added/ removed
- Doubles as a straight tap tempo, great for delays that are clocked
- Records the CV knob smoothly without a sequence playing and can be re-triggered
- Can output CV based on pad pressure alone or during a sequence
- Holding both pads momentarily will arm playing sequence to stop at next loop point
- Tapping Loop pad will re-start a stopped sequence

The whole idea of this module is to quickly add sequenced T/G/CV control of other modular elements, on-the-fly, without setup time or large HP, displays etc. I think it's a very useful tool and look forward to moving it from the grid board into the rack for demos!


  • 35 mA +12V
  • 10 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 40 mm deep

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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