Reflex LiveLoop, SDS_VCO, RIT_M RhythmSequencer, Accord Melisma and Accord Sequarallel are among SDS Digitals most popular products.

Reflex LiveLoop

SDS Digital

Real-Time Sampler / Looper / FX

$400 MSRP


SDS Digital

Mini 16 Waveform VCO w/ Envelope+VCA+Quantizing

$130 MSRP


SDS Digital

8 Channel CV/T/G WiFi rtpMIDI / touchOSC with MIDI out & Clock

$150 MSRP

RIT_M RhythmSequencer

SDS Digital

This 4HP'er let's you tap in a rhythm, creates a clock and T/G plus an on-the-fly...

$140 MSRP

Accord Sequarallel

SDS Digital

MIDI to CV Sequencer Recorder

$260 MSRP

Accord Melisma

SDS Digital

CV to MIDI Chord / Melody / Arpeggiator

$220 MSRP