Quad Mixer Module

The Quad Mixer module is a voltage controlled mixer based on four high quality VCA circuits using the well know gain cells from THAT Corporation. The outputs of the VCA’s are all summed together and presented at the “MIX OUT” jack. Each channel has a potentiometer for it’s manual gain setting. Also on every channel is a CV input with adjustable attenuation to modulate the gain.
There is an extra “Common CV” input that addresses all 4 channels together. The Common CV Input is not attenuated.
The circuits also accept DC voltages on the signal inputs to process CV or very low frequency signals.
The circuits are set to -110dB Gain with Gain potentiometer set to zero and no external CV applied.
Sensitivity of the CV inputs is set to 95mV/dB.
Maximum voltage level before clipping is about 20Vpp.
There is a pinheader on the PCB to get access to all i/o signals from the make and break contacts of the jacks, this allows internal patching with other seismic modules. Another pinheader gives access to the individual VCA outputs of each channel before they get summed together. There will be a breakout board ready to buy soon to give you access to this feature.

Tunable Parameters:
4 x channel gain control
4 x channel CV attenuation

4 x signal inputs
4 x CV inputs
1 x common CV input


  • 27 mA +12V
  • 26 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 13 mm deep

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$230 Price in €
21 HP MixerQuadVCA
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