LED VU metering module

The VU module is a versatile metering device.
It offers two input voltage ranges 5Vpp and 10Vpp, and also two working modes: unipolar or bipolar, which allows the module to also display negative voltages.
Working mode and input range settings are selected by jumpers on the circuit board.
The display is made of nine white LEDs. It’s THRU port allows to feed signals through the module without using a multiple module or Y-Cable.
Pinheader on the PCB allows internal prepatching of the module.




  • 14 mA +12V
  • 6 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 13 mm deep
  • Ø 5.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating

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$89 Price in €
4 HP Utility
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