14 HP
23 mm deep
Current Draw
125 mA +12V
125 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$379 Price in €

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Analog Percussion Synthesizer


The latest addition to the Entity series provides an advanced feature set that caters to synthesizing a very wide range of percussive sounds. This set of parameters essentially provides use as a specialized, full synthesizer voice inherent in the architecture. Notable new features include a twin resonant core signal generator with detune and spectral isolation. Updated body and noise dynamics controls. Three dedicated VC envelopes for body FM and AM, and noise AM. Updated noise generator with LP/HP VCF and BODY filter modes. And a dedicated noise trigger input.
The Ultra-Perc is expanded as a signal processor by the ability to combine external signals with the output by routing them through the very circuitry that is utilized to generate the percussive elements. The external input can either be used to create more advanced percussion or can turn the Ultra-Perc into a twin peak resonant VCF for processing sequences and longer duration signals.


• Dual resonant core topology with multi-mode filtering and detune
• Independent body and noise envelopes with dedicated dynamics controls
• Harmonic enhancement via integrated wave-folder
• Wide range FM decay envelope and bipolar FM attenuator
• VC body trigger delay
• Multi-mode noise VCF
• Noise trigger input for independent noise triggering
• Direct noise VCA CV input
• External input for mixing and processing external signals
• Body amplitude derived duck output
• Extensive range of voltage controllable parameters
• 100% Analog

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