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Submitted Modules

V-CV 2 HP DistortionExpanderVCA View
Vortices 16 HP DistortionMixerPanningVCA View
MIXMODE Expander 4 HP Expander View
MIXMODE 6 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizerQuadDistortion View
Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer 14 HP DrumFilterFunction GeneratorSynth Voice View
Muton 10 HP VCAMixer View
Ultra-Random Analog 10 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorEnvelope GeneratorNoiseOscillatorRandomSample and HoldSlew Limiter View
Zero Point Oscillator 16 HP OscillatorRing Modulator View
Entity Percussion Synthesizer (Black and Gold) 14 HP DrumFilterNoiseOscillatorSynth VoiceWaveshaper View
Stereo Dipole (Black and Gold) 20 HP Dual/StereoFilterOscillatorPanningPhase Shifter View
Autodyne 4 HP DistortionDynamicsEffect View
Stereo Dipole 20 HP Dual/StereoFilterOscillatorPhase ShifterLow Pass GatePanning View
Entity Percussion Synthesizer 14 HP DrumNoiseSynth Voice View
CLONE 3 HP MultipleUtility View
Blender 6 HP DynamicsMixerPanning View
DETECT-Rx 6 HP ComparatorCV ModulationEnvelope FollowerEnvelope GeneratorDynamicsDistortion View
Ultra Heterodyne 14 HP Dual/StereoPanningRing ModulatorVCA View
Tool-Box 6 HP UtilityLogicMixerPolarizerSwitchComparatorCV ModulationWaveshaper View
GND CTRL 8 HP AttenuatorMultipleUtilityVideoExternal View
Bantam (prototype) silver 60 HP Synth Voice View
Differential Manifold 8 HP AttenuatorDistortionDual/StereoVCA View
S.P.O. 4 HP AttenuatorPolarizerUtilityMixerDual/Stereo View
ADSRVCA 6 HP Envelope GeneratorVCALFO View
CEX 4 HP Clock GeneratorFrequency Divider View
Quantum Rainbow 2 4 HP NoiseRandom View
SSF 8hp Vented Blank 8 HP Blind Panel View
8hp Blank 8 HP Blind Panel View
10hp Blank 10 HP Blind Panel View

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