14 HP
28 mm deep
Current Draw
52 mA +12V
35 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$299 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

The PTG is a dual, Vactrol cored, Envelope Generator, Universal "Pass" Gate, Envelope Follower, VCA and Voltage Processor.

steady state fate is proud to present the positronic transient gate. a dual, vactrol controlled transient generator and audio/cv processor. the ptg is capable of many functions, with a natural and lush vactrol response.

vactrol drive inputs: ina & inb with two modes, gated and biased on. ina is normaled to inb to control both channels from a single gate and/or to split signals with independent gain control.

vactrol drive inputs are routed to an internal amplifier with adjustable gain and fed to the post gain outputs.

step response: voltage controllable - simultaneous attack/amplitude, vc attenuator.

damp control: voltage controllable - decay/ringing and overall volume, enigmatic cv response.

cv switches: allow for selection of unipolar or bipolar cv input and selectable cv influence.

dedicated vca inputs.

normal (+) and inverted (-) outputs.

the ptg's unique features provide many useful functions including:
multistage envelope and complex transient generation
universal pass gate cv source
full featured envelope follower
multipurpose vca
vc attenuator
looping env/lfo
cv wave shaping
ext low signal amplifier, hard clipping/overdrive/distortion
signal splitter with independent gain
unique cv response
non-linear modality

use the ptg for dynamic envelope and vca duties, or as the ultimate modulation station; patch your existing envelopes and lfos into the ptg and be amazed and inspired by the results! the ptg was designed to be fun and satisfying, inspire creativity and encourage discovery with this creative addition to your modular system.

tech specs:
the positronic transient gate is assembled in the usa and built with pride using high quality parts and upholding the highest standards. rohs and ce compliant, reverse polarity protected.
14hp wide, 28-30mm deep with power connections.
~maximum possible current draw: +52ma, -35ma
dc coupled audio and cv inputs accept +/-10v
0v to +/-10v output


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