3 HP
Current Draw
0 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
150 mA 5V
$50 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Power source for USB devices

The LAMP-3 module is different from the LAMP-1 and LAMP-2 modules in that it provides three USB type-A sockets that can supply power to any standard USB device, limited only by the current supplied by the +5V bus that it is connected to. Like the LAMP-1 and LAMP-2 almost any standard USB “laptop” lamp can be used with the LAMP-3, but unlike the LAMP-1 and LAMP-2, the LAMP-3 can be used to power external gear that use USB power, such as small keyboards, smart phones, or tablets. Unlike the other LAMP modules, the LAMP-3 module derives ALL of its power from the +5V bus of the cabinet it is installed in (which is required), and the ability to power ANY devices plugged into it is solely dependent on the current rating of that +5V supply. Since few Eurorack modules require +5V to function, typically in cabinets that supply +5V, there is plenty to spare. The LAMP-3 module is basically 3 panel mounted cable adapters, wired directly to your cabinet's +5V supply.


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