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Mai Doep Desktop Eurorack
modified Yesterday, 15:42
Unilateral Commitment Eurorack
modified Apr 11th, 18:35
Strong Like Behr Eurorack
modified Mar 13th, 18:27
The Great Electrical Subpoena Eurorack
modified Apr 5th, 04:40
Noise Reap Dream Eurorack
modified Sunday April 18, 15:46
Willing to Sell, Message Me Eurorack
modified Mar 5th, 12:06
I Tripped 8 Hours Eurorack
modified Dec 26th 2020, 01:13
Ancient Justified Rack of MU MU
modified Dec 8th 2020, 06:57
EMW Life Eurorack
modified Mar 16th, 07:50
My outraged Pedalboard Pedals
modified Apr 13th, 15:59
Alone in the Drone Zone Eurorack
modified Feb 7th, 23:34
The World According to GRP Eurorack
modified Feb 11th, 08:34
Dreaming of Wires Eurorack
modified Mar 13th, 12:50
Wishlist Radar Eurorack
modified Yesterday, 15:37
Ultimate Dreadbox Eurorack
modified Today, 12:57
My Divorce Rack Eurorack
modified Apr 10th, 00:50
Dreadbox 168 Currently Eurorack
modified Apr 9th, 23:51

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Submitted Modules

Low Pass VCF (4 Pole) 8 HP Filter View
Dirty Murals 12 HP DelayEffectReverb View
Slit v.2 4 HP Frequency DividerUtilityClock Modulator View
Senary 6 HP AttenuatorMixer View
Knobcon Blank 6 HP Blind Panel View
PEARL (Black Face) 8 HP DistortionEffect View
x1l3 - MONOLITH 6 HP UtilityCV ModulationEnvelope Follower View
PDS-1650 HP Distortion View
FC-200 HP ControllerMIDI View
Ghost Rain CP-41 HP DelayReverb View
Pearl (White Face) 8 HP DistortionEffect View
Blank Bank 10 HP Blind PanelUtility View
Analog Kick 8 HP Drum View
FLOWCTRL 6 HP ComparatorSlew Limiter View

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Collection 153 modules

A-124, A-174-1, 1hp Blank, Assmaster, A-178 V2, LP1lightplane, UL1 uloop, A-110-1, Shared System, IIO, DPLPG (Blue), A-139-2, Dtronics Digital Ring Modulator, Dtronics Digital Noise Generator, 20hp Blank Panel (Maths Lightning Bolts), Timbre!, Confusor, µMIDI 1U, µMIDI JACKS, Karp 鲤, Fluctuations Magnétiques Original, Grains (new panel), LFO, 42HP 1U Blank, Bermuda, WL Echo, WL LFO, Dirty Glitch VCO, Mult, Seq, Headphones 1U, Model D, 2xVCA, WL Modulator, RPG, MIX (aluminum panel), Dual VCA, ISD Sampler, LFO v2, Lola Filter, PS Joystick, Bad Comrade V2, 2Multi, VCA-2180, MIX, VIII, Super Warp Generator (Tokyo 2015 limited edition), Shibuya, Knobcon 2016 Blank, MT-2, Rat 2, X0Xcilator, Dual ADSR, WL Attenuator, Neutron, VCD+, Verb, Boynuz Blank, A-148, Noise Tools 1U, A-118, Vector, Audio I/O 1U, Motormatic, Digiverb 1U, 3LFO, USB Power 1U, A-140, A-151, Karp 鲤 (Black), Wiard Oscillator, Wogglebug, 0-Coast, Nerd Audio 4hp Blank (front), 20HP 1U Blank, CMOS FX Processor , EMW-200 Filters, ALM008 - Pip Slope, Multiplicity VI (2HP), WL Divider, FLOWCTRL, SPICE VCF, EKO, MIX - Passive Mixer/Attenuator/Averager, Buff Mult 1U, 4093 CHAOS NAND (black panel), Boynuz Blank(bw), LVLS, Jupiter Spirits, Analog Kick, Blank Bank, PEARL (Black Face), VCO, Equinox LFO, Equinox ADSR, Equinox VCF, Equinox VCA, Ghost Rain CP-41, Totem, Dreadbox Case 168 Panel, Roboto, Mysteron, Skew Fade LFO, Triple Sloths V2, Plutonium 239 Hyper Fist VCO , Rubicon, Dirty Murals, TST, Re:Synthesis Korg SQ-1 Euro Panel Grok 1-QS, Grosse Pointe Blank Panel (2hp White), Oscillographic Block, Arcadian Rhythms , cloud busting Albino, Weather Drones kit, ARRADIO, QS-1 Quad Slew Limiter, Koe (Dark side edition), Sample + Noise, tELHARMONIC (white knobs), LICHT, Micro Wuff, FSR 1U, VCOFan 1B, Waveform Magazine Hainbach Pro Signature Series Blank Panel, VCF 2164, Dronebank, Low Pass VCF (4 Pole), DCO, Drone Rainger, FC-200, UT300 Ultra Tremolo, CP 17 Delay, Cry Baby GCB95, 12dB VCF, 0-CTRL, X-1 Filter, CS030 Mixer, Infernal Noise Machine, Gra-eco, R2R DAC, Sound Lab Mini-Synth, Flux, Knobcon Blank, Super Sixteen, The Gateway, pmkn, Testy, VG2, INM-Exp, Plague Bearer PB-1E, Senary, Slit v.2 and Analog Kick (3HP)

Rated Modules

This User rated 157 modules.

CMOS FX Processor (5), Equinox LFO (5), Equinox ADSR (5), Equinox VCA (5), Equinox VCF (5), VCO (5), Plutonium 239 Hyper Fist VCO (5), Rubicon (5), Dirty Murals (5), Re:Synthesis Korg SQ-1 Euro Panel Grok 1-QS (5), Oscillographic Block (5), Arcadian Rhythms (5), Weather Drones kit (5), ARRADIO (5), QS-1 Quad Slew Limiter (5), Sample + Noise (5), cloud busting Albino (5), Skew Fade LFO (5), Dreadbox Case 168 Panel (5), Digiverb 1U (5), Noise Tools 1U (5), Ghost Rain CP-41 (5), FLOWCTRL (5), EKO (5), Analog Kick (5), Jupiter Spirits (5), SPICE VCF (5), MIX - Passive Mixer/Attenuator/Averager (5), WL Divider (5), 4093 CHAOS NAND (black panel) (5), Multiplicity VI (2HP) (5), LVLS (5), Blank Bank (5), Buff Mult 1U (5), PEARL (Black Face) (5), LICHT (5), Triple Sloths V2 (5), X-1 Filter (5), CS030 Mixer (5), Gra-eco (5), Sound Lab Mini-Synth (5), Flux (5), Knobcon Blank (5), R2R DAC (5), Super Sixteen (5), pmkn (5), Testy (5), VG2 (5), INM-Exp (5), Infernal Noise Machine (5), Plague Bearer PB-1E (5), Senary (5), Slit v.2 (5), 0-CTRL (5), 12dB VCF (5), Micro Wuff (5), FSR 1U (5), VCOFan 1B (5), tELHARMONIC (white knobs) (5), Roboto (5), VCF 2164 (5), Dronebank (5), Low Pass VCF (4 Pole) (5), DCO (5), Drone Rainger (5), FC-200 (5), PDS-1650 (5), UT300 Ultra Tremolo (5), Rat 2 (5), CP 17 Delay (5), Cry Baby GCB95 (5), Analog Kick (3HP) (5), Wogglebug (5), WL Echo (5), RPG (5), Arches (5), 2xVCA (5), Model D (5), Dirty Glitch VCO (5), Bermuda (5), VCD+ (5), Verb (5), A-139-2 (5), DrumDokta2 (5), DPLPG (Blue) (5), IIO (5), A-110-1 (5), MIX (aluminum panel) (5), Dual VCA (5), Lola Filter (5), A-124 (5), A-178 V2 (5), Karp 鲤 (5), A-110 (5), Fluctuations Magnétiques Original (5), LP1lightplane (5), VIII (5), Wiard Oscillator (5), Vector (5), Confusor (5), 2Multi (5), Neutron (5), Bad Comrade V2 (5), UL1 uloop (5), Dual ADSR (5), A-118 (5), Shibuya (5), Karp 鲤 (Black) (5), ISD Sampler (5), Noise Toast (5), A-151 (5), 3LFO (5), Mysteron (5), µMIDI JACKS (5), A-148 (5), Audio I/O 1U (5), µMIDI 1U (5), Headphones 1U (5), WL Modulator (4), 0-Coast (4), Assmaster (4), VCA-2180 (4), WL LFO (4), LFO (4), LFO v2 (4), The Gateway (4), ALM008 - Pip Slope (4), A-174-1 (4), A-140 (4), Dtronics Digital Ring Modulator (4), Timbre! (4), Koe (Dark side edition) (4), MIX (4), Motormatic (4), PS Joystick (3), Super Warp Generator (Tokyo 2015 limited edition) (3), Grains (new panel) (3), Seq (3), X0Xcilator (3), USB Power 1U (3), EMW-200 Filters (3), WL Attenuator (3), Dtronics Digital Noise Generator (3), Totem (3), Cat (3), Mult (3), Shared System (1), Grosse Pointe Blank Panel (2hp White) (1), Nerd Audio 4hp Blank (front) (1), Boynuz Blank (1), Waveform Magazine Hainbach Pro Signature Series Blank Panel (1), 20HP 1U Blank (1), Knobcon 2016 Blank (1), 42HP 1U Blank (1), 1hp Blank (1), Boynuz Blank(bw) (1) and 20hp Blank Panel (Maths Lightning Bolts) (1)
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