9 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
45 mA +12V
9 mA -12V
1 mA 5V
$166 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

Quad decay envelope

“UI”— a snazzy Silicone Valley acronym hatched in an era of virtual controls which leave MUCH to be desired in the way of physical interaction. The resurgence of Modular Synthesis is certainly a reaction to the farce of context changing rotary encoder knobs & the latter day simulated controls tucked behind a veil of touch sensitive glass. Yet most modular systems lack quality tactile means of coherent real-time interaction with the instrument. Serving as a hub for simple, visceral & intuitive interaction is the m/12 Detektor’s specialty.

Use m/12 Detektor with:

m/2 foot controller to trigger 4 discrete channels of CV hands-free
e/1 Transducers to turn your system into a Real-Time Rhythm Rack
m/4 Button Expander for perfectly weighted finger activation
Up to 4 Audio Sources to control your Modular System
m/16 to Control & Mix 4 Audio Channels to 6 Outputs
e/1 Transducer
for Pulse Input
Use m/12 to “play” your modular in real-time with hands, feet, microphone & whatever else you can think of. Or in oblique “Modular Synth Jargon”: m/12 Detektor is a 4-Channel Multimode Single-Parameter Envelope Generator.

Multimode = 2 ways to activate m/12 CV Envelope Output:

m/4 & m/2 Trigger Accessories
A. Via 4 Pulse Inputs for use as an Audio to CV converter—allows conversion of Gate CV, Microphone, Contact Mic, Masonna-Maraca (Shaker Box), Drum Trigger, Drum Machine etc. to CV. (New Trogotronic e/1 Transducer is built for exactly this purpose).

B. Via 4 Trigger Inputs—Using Break-out m/4 Switch Module or the c/2 Floor Controller to commence a CV event.

m/16 Multiplex VCA
Each CV event is initiated according to that channel’s Decay Knob & Idle State Switch—An event may trigger a CV Signal that hits fast / decays true to the Decay Knob OR one that is interrupted abruptly / recovers in accordance with Decay Setting.

Although the CV signals may be applied to just about any willing CV hole in your rack, m/16 Multiplex VCA & Mini Mix module is built to be a compelling companion module willing and able to control amplitude through 4 discrete channels AND/OR out of CV Controllable 2 Channel Mix.

Audio to CV x 4 Channels or
Remote Triggered x 4 Channels or
Mix of Audio to CV & Triggered x 4 Channels
Compatible with c/2, e/1, m/4 Passive Trigger & Signal Devices
Rear Accessory Breakout Bus for Compatible Intra-Module Control
4 Decay Knobs (1 per Channel)
4 Idle State Controllers for Multimode Operation (1 per Channel)
4 Lamp CV Indicator Array
Available As DIY Kit

Format = Euro
Width = 9HP
Depth w/ribbon cable attached = 2 1/16” (40mm)
Peak Current Load = +12v 45mA / +5v 0.4mA / -12 9mA
CV Output = 0 to +5.5v
CV Output = PULSE INPUT mode 0 to +8v

Parts & Accessories
All Trogotronic instruments come complete with pretty much everything needed to “plug & play”. Still, herein are replacement parts should ever something go missing (plus a few extra options should ever such a fancy strike).

e/1 Pulse Transducer
m/2 Claymore Floor Controller for m/12
m/4 Quad Channel Button Array Breakout for m/12
m/16 Multiplex Quad VCA & Voltage Controlled MiniMixer
OEM Euro Format & Custom Module Mounting Bolts


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