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Lifeforms KB-1, Serge New Timbral Oscillator (NTO), Bang, Grand Terminal, West Coast Mini Synth, Quad Slope, ED132 LOGIC, DIY Ring Mod., ADSR, Dual Atari Punk Console V.2 Cat Soup, Kepler, Felix, Synth Voice, DUAL-AR GEN, Four Eyed Random, Pure Quantiser, Passive Ring Modulator (Open Heart Faceplate), Khronos, PS3100 Triple Vactrol Resonators, WaveWiper v2.1, PAMT, BFAM | Brother From Another Mother, Gargoyle Delay 2.0, TOMS of Finland, WHIP, reverse-speaker, Serge NCOM, Pitch Pipes, Chimes, Rods, Minipass V1, Moog 904 Filter Trio, One Song, Quad Complex Function Generator , TelewizorV2, DIY SCM Breakout Switch, Ardurack, Analog Shift Register, ED107 PolyDAC 4-Channel MIDI-CV 30HP, MIDI-CV, Complex Envelope Generator, SM042 KOTELNIKOV, Electro-Music Klee Sequencer , Recti-Combi, CZ-VCO, Speedbump v2 by tAt HSTA, Atari Punk Console - Bass version, Vactoral Mix - Turing Machine, MidiAlf, Ultima Ratio 2016, Dual Nice Quantizer (Clarke68 panel), Knight's Gallop, ES25 - Touch Keyboard Interface, CR-4 CompuRhythm, Stepped CV Generator, Yusynth Steiner Parker VCF, Triple Sloth, Saw Animator Yusynth, 2XPO, Serge VCS, Turing Machine Vactrol Mix Expander, Turing Machine Mini Expander, Turing Machine Mk II, A-149-1, A-188-1A, A-188-1X, A-188-2, A-190-2, A-192-1, Balanced Outputs - BMC47, BMC32, BMC025 FM Drum, Haible Living VCOs , Serge SSG, Variable Q VCF , Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM), Variable Slope VCF, Haible Tau Phaser, Chord, Snake Charmer Out, Model 23, Model 29, R-53, R-60 Self-Tuning Midi-CV interface, JUST FRIENDS, THREE SISTERS, 4x4x4, Mutinator, Multiplicity XV, X-series Audio Mixer, Varigate 4, µMIDI, Planar, External In / Envelope / Gate and Z8000
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