On Grid since October 13th, 2017

Right case (O) Eurorack View
Left case (O) Eurorack View
Sequencer Pod (4ms 60 Pod) Eurorack View
Top rack Eurorack View
Dream Bucha Do-Funkk Buchla View
Ful Modular DoFunkk 720HP Eurorack View
Ful Modular DoFunkk 720HP (NO M32) Eurorack View
MDLR 6 row Eurorack View

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Submitted Modules

Turing Machine Mk II (Black) 10 HP RandomSequencer View
Hermod (Black Panel) 26 HP CV ModulationExternalLFOMIDIQuantizerSequencer View
Pulses Mk II (Black Panel) 4 HP Expander View
Volts (Black) 4 HP Expander View
Pulses Mk II (Black) 4 HP Expander View