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Droid demo pod/sequencerEurorack
Imaginary transportable Case from Lake caseEurorackPrivate
LakeCase theoretical/matrixmixingEurorack
LakeCase future/reduced voices/new mixingEurorack
LakeCase Future/compression/dynamicsEurorackPrivate
The essentialsEurorackPrivate
Keyboard Droid Controller/future/no-percussionsEurorackPrivate
Keyboard Droid Controller/future/xEurorackPrivate
LakeCase Current 20230930Eurorack
Drum Pod/draftEurorackPrivate
LakeCase as of 2023/08/13Eurorack
LakeCase/future/elements/Addac bridge/Transitional/percussion/prebridgeEurorack
Keyboard Droid Controller Current (copy)Eurorack
LakeCase polyphonic futureEurorackPrivate
LakeCase (Archived)Eurorack
Keyboard Droid Controller CurrentEurorack
LakeCase Current No Percussion Variant 1EurorackPrivate
LakeCase before 17th of JuneEurorack
Keyboard Droid Controller with percussionEurorackPrivate
LakeCase addac bridges and cv busEurorackPrivate
LakeCase Current with addac bridgesEurorackPrivate
Function per row theoretical mashupEurorackPrivate
LakeCase FutureEurorackPrivate
LakeCase Previous with PercussionEurorackPrivate
percussion rackbruteEurorack
Keyboard Droid Before 17th of June 2023Eurorack
trautonium/drum rackEurorack
niftykeyz droid bay wishlistEurorack
Stuff I want to sellEurorack
small skiffEurorack
Modules not in the rack currentlyEurorack
LakeCase Previous IterationEurorack
Previous rackbrute rackEurorack

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Plaits (black panel)Eurorack

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DROID B32 Controller (5), DROID (5) and DROID P2B8 Controller - red (5)
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