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Xaoc SetEurorackPrivate
Dla DarkaEurorack
My flaming EurorackEurorack
My brawny EurorackEurorack
Custom Rack 2Eurorack
Custom Rack 01Eurorack
Mini Effects RackEurorack
Subtractive synthesis chainEurorackPrivate
Gabriel's Micro ModularEurorackPrivate
Start setEurorack
Synth Voice 2Eurorack
Synth Voice 1Eurorack
Starter ControllEurorack
Arturia for hybrid beatsEurorack
P9 - Befaco - showroomEurorack
Control Case #2 - showroom - mantis caseEurorack
Cwejman - showroom - matnis caseEurorack
Verbos Electronics - showroomEurorack
Mutable Instruments - showroom - arturia caseEurorack
Xaoc - showroom - arturia caseEurorack
Endorphines - showroom - arturia caseEurorack
Main Control Case - showroom - custom caseEurorack
Erica Synth - showroom - eowave 104 hp skiffEurorack
Doepfer - showroom - P6 caseEurorack

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Module Region Price
Tube VCA 1Ж24Б EU €170,00 
EFI EU €84,00 
QSC - Quad Stereo Channel EU €420,00 
Vox Digitalis EU €130,00 

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