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new setup cases 23/09/21Eurorack
My uptown Eurorack (copy)EurorackPrivate
My uptown EurorackEurorackPrivate
new demo caseEurorack
All Joranalogue Studio System (Superbooth 23) (copied from drfiresign)Eurorack
Superbooth 2022 Casper (copied from boris-joranalogue)Eurorack
superbooth 2023Eurorack
Superbooth 2022 Casper (copied from boris-joranalogue)Eurorack
Joranalogue CE Test SetupEurorackPrivate
Joranalogue demo case - Incl. Step 8, Delay 1, Pivot 2Eurorack
Joranalogue demo case - Current modulesEurorack
Joranalogue demo case - Incl. Step 8Eurorack
Travel skiffEurorack
Lamond Suitcase #1: JoranalogueEurorack
Lamond Suitcase #2: otherEurorack
Workbench skiffEurorack

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Submitted Modules

Route 4Eurorack
Delay 1Eurorack
Bias 2Eurorack
Pivot 2Eurorack
Dim 2Eurorack
Morph 4Eurorack
Step 8Eurorack
Filter 8Eurorack
Contour 1Eurorack
Orbit 3Eurorack
Enhance 2Eurorack
Fold 6Eurorack
Select 2Eurorack
Generate 3Eurorack
Compare 2Eurorack
Switch 4Eurorack
Mix 3Eurorack
Test 3Eurorack
Transmit 2Eurorack
Receive 2Eurorack
Link 2Eurorack
Add 2Eurorack

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Receive 2 (5), Delay 1 (5), Step 8 (5), Enhance 2 (5), Orbit 3 (5), Fold 6 (5), Morph 4 (5), Generate 3 (5), Contour 1 (5), Switch 4 (5), Mix 3 (5), Test 3 (5), Compare 2 (5), Select 2 (5), Link 2 (5), Add 2 (5), Filter 8 (5), Transmit 2 (5) and Pivot 2 (5)
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