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Submitted Modules

SPA 5 HP ControllerExpander View
CV TRINITY 14 HP Envelope GeneratorLFOUtility View
SERVO 5 HP ControllerUtility View
SOLENOID 5 HP DrumUtility View
DC MOTOR 6 HP DrumExternalUtility View
Noise Square 5 HP NoiseOscillator View
Little Nerd 6 HP Clock ModulatorClock GeneratorCV ModulationFrequency Divider View
Cinnamon 5 HP Filter View
Wackel Kontakt 1 HP Blind PanelMultiple View
Solenoid CV Velocity Expander 2 HP DynamicsExpanderUtility View
CV Trinity Expander 2 HP Expander View
Blind Panel 1 HP Blind Panel View
Propust 2 HP Filter View
Tea Kick 5 HP Drum View
Spaghetti 4 HP CV ModulationMixerMultiplePolarizerUtility View
Skis 5 HP Dual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorVCA View
Multiple 2 HP Multiple View
Quattro Figaro 10 HP VCAAttenuatorMixer View
Knit Rider 16 HP SequencerClock Generator View
GrandPa 5 HP Sampling View
ABC 5 HP Mixer View

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