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Module Date Region Price
HPO USA $80.00  View
Play USA $125.00  View
Black Joystick controller USA $200.00  View
Freez USA $100.00  View
Brst USA $60.00  View
Div USA $80.00  View
Pico DSP USA $120.00  View
Dual Discrete NAND/AND USA $60.00  View
Unity Mixer USA $60.00  View
Confundo Funkitus USA $200.00  View
Stereo Triggered Sampler USA $400.00  View
STO USA $170.00  View
Tromsø (Aluminum Panel) USA $100.00  View
GrandPa USA $160.00  View
SPA (grandPa Expander) - ALUMINIUM Panel USA $80.00  View
Branches USA $85.00  View
Variatic Erumption USA $170.00  View
PAN USA $120.00  View
Dual ADSR USA $165.00  View
Drum Sequencer USA $685.00  View