We create the tools, you make the sound, together we’re making music.
Music is to be heard and to be experienced. Sound design is part of that experience. The “imperfections” of analogue electrical instruments result in lively, organic and unexpected sounds. Our mission is to control these imperfections musically, to create tools which make your music come to life.
- Majella Audio

VVCA: Velocity VCA, MLEG: Envelope / LFO, MCVC: 4 Voice MIDI CV Converter and MVCF-I: 12dB/oct VCF are among Majella Audios most popular products.

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VVCA: Velocity VCA

Majella Audio

The VVCA is a fully analog dual linear VCA which can be used for audio and CV signals.

$92 MSRP

MCVC: 4 Voice MIDI CV Converter

Majella Audio

MIDI to CV converter

$245 MSRP

MLEG: Envelope / LFO

Majella Audio

Analog Loopable Envelope Generator

$134 MSRP

MVCF-I: 12dB/oct VCF

Majella Audio

Voltage controlled Filter (12dB/oct)

$134 MSRP


Majella Audio

The Majella Audio 4BEQ is a 500 series 4 Band Parametric Equalizer inspired on a...

$499 MSRP