Hi, my name is Tom Verschooten, and I’m the guy behind ThreeTom Modular Synthesizers, a small boutique Eurorack business based in Belgium. ThreeTom is my “hobby that got out of hand” and I fully intend to keep it that way.

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Steve's MS-22 and "Technomancer" illuminated blind plate are among ThreeTom Modulars most popular products.

News from the Labs

  • ThreeTom Modular Steve's MS-22 ThreeTom Modular  Feb 12th, 12:35
    Pre-orders for the April batch are now open! > https://www.threetom.com/product/steves-ms-22-dual-vcf-module/ 
  • ThreeTom Modular "Technomancer" illuminated blind plate ThreeTom Modular  Jan 21st, 12:04
    If you have been considering to build my Technomancer illuminated blind plate, but were holding off because of the lack of a build guide, I have some good news for you: I finally found the time to get the build guide done. You can find the build guide on the DIY page. > https://www.threetom.com/diy-info/ 
  • ThreeTom Modular Steve's MS-22 ThreeTom Modular  Jan 4th, 22:14
    I finally got around to updating the picture that's on Modular Grid. Yay for a crisp new product photograph, and goodbye to the old picture of the prototype :). Stay tuned for new batches! 
  • ThreeTom Modular Steve's MS-22 ThreeTom Modular  Nov 6th 2020, 21:18
    Hi everybody! Currently, it isn’t clear yet how Brexit will impact my business as of next year. Because of Brexit getting near, I’ve decided to set up another production run for Steve’s MS-22. This way, all of my friends in the UK are able to get their hands on Steve’s MS-22 before Brexit happens. I think it’s quite possible that as of next year I won’t be shipping to the UK until I have all the extra administration figured out.  

Steve's MS-22

ThreeTom Modular

Dual VCF (inspired by a classic OTA design) w/ an innovative modulation matrix & one...

$278 MSRP

"Technomancer" illuminated blind plate

ThreeTom Modular

Fancy semi-transparent blind plates with RGB leds on the back

$13 MSRP