D.O.MIXX, 221.x2 and Auscult are among Blood Cells Audios most popular products.

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  • Blood Cells Audio D.O.MIXX Blood Cells Audio  Dec 2nd 2020, 17:27
    **New batch of D.O.MIXX is available now!** D.O.MIXX is a quality 5-channel mono to stereo mixer with a Direct Output on each channel. That way you can not only record the mix as usual, but also capture each channel separately for later sampling/re-mixing. Other features include an Aux Send (with Pre/Post send switch), stereo pan, and clickless mute on each channel. All level knobs range from ∞ to +6 dB of gain. www.bloodcellsaudio.com/domixx 


Blood Cells Audio

5-channel Mono to Stereo Mixer with Direct Outputs

$220 MSRP


Blood Cells Audio

Expandable 4-Channel Audio and CV Utility

$170 MSRP


Blood Cells Audio

Output Module with Flexible I/O, Balanced Outputs, and VCA Headphone Cue Monitoring

$190 MSRP