24 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$567 Price in €

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

Percussion Synth Voice

Winter Plankton, a wonderful collaboration between Winter Modular and Plankton Electronics, brings you ZAPS, a percussion voice with savable sound profiles for creating tasty and sequenceable analog drum kits. At the core of ZAPS lies two triangle-core VCOs with coarse and fine tuning pitch controls and provide a traditional set of waveshapes: sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square. VCO2 can also perform as a double sine wave or noise generator, while AM and FM from VCO2 and cross FM from VCO1 create gritty and ringy textures that emulate the natural textures of drums while still having a synthesized edge. Two AHR envelopes with flexible slope controls offer control over the shape of the pitch contour, amount of AM or FM, and shape of the VCAs. They also allow you to send variable-length gates, perfect for creating long 808-style basses and variable hi-hat lengths. Final controls over the mix output includes independent level controls for each VCO along with two high pass filters, one for the final mix and one dedicated for the noise option in VCO2.

Where ZAPS comes alive is its flexible digital control section, capable of saving twelve banks, each containing twelve sound slots where each drum profile is made. These slots are sequencable via CV, perfect for creating all your percussive needs from one single source. For performability without risking losing all your sound design, ZAPS allows you to take snapshots in which you can edit sounds and reload the saved snapshot—a very helpful tool when performing live edits over your sequences. The random feature injects randomized values per trigger with an independent amount over each parameter, as well as a global amount of randomization. And if that wasn't enough randomness, you can also randomly generate sounds to populate a single slot or full banks, perfect for exploring all ZAPS has to offer while getting new and interesting textures to add to your palette.

ZAPS has six CV assignable connectors which can act as inputs or outputs and take on different voltage ranges, making it flexible to interface with your other modules. Take control of almost any of the parameters (e.g. accents, slot choice, 1V/oct, etc) on a per trigger basis with internal attenuation on any CV-input. You can also assign a CV output for the Alt fader mode, perfect for controlling external effects or modulation affecting the ZAPS. Additional features include interfacing copy and paste slots over banks and an "edit all" feature for fast changes over your entire bank. Offering a wide range of features to make expressive and morphable drum and percussion tracks, ZAPS will bring rhythmic joy to any modular case.

Percussion Voice
Two triangle core VCOs sporting a variety of wave shapes and noise
Two AHR envelopes with fading logarithmic to linear responses
Amplitude modulation from VCO 2 to VCO 1
Frequency modulation from VOC 2 to VCO 1 and vice versa
Two channel mixer
Two high-pass filters
12 banks with 12 slots (sounds) each saved on an SD card
Random values per trigger, independent for each parameter
Snapshot projects for modifying and reverting
Parameter interpolation between slots
Six assignable CV ins/outs
Edit all control



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