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Prometheus 2023 rev1cEurorackPrivate
The Slightly More Complicated Little BastardEurorack
Erstwhile ModulesEurorack
Typhon [Noise Engineering Live Rig / God of Volcanic Forces / Father of All Monsters]Eurorack
Prometheus 2023 rev1b (copy)EurorackPrivate
Prometheus 2023 rev1bEurorack
My Modor HeavenEurorack
I AM THE ARMEurorack
Electryone 3Eurorack
Prometheus 2023 [Final]Eurorack
Electryone 2Eurorack
Electryone 5Eurorack
Les NoisesEurorack
Chopping BlockEurorack
Electryone 4Eurorack
Oceanus ReturnsEurorack
Electryone 1Eurorack
The Complicated Little BastardEurorack
Techno Xpress [concept]Eurorack
Renowned LandEurorack
Techno SystemEurorack

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Sample Drum (5), Drum Mixer (5), Drum Sequencer with Black Keys (5), Arpitecht (black panel) (5), Drum Sequencer (5), L'ÉCORCHEUR (5) and Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front (5)
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